Journeying Through James

October 6, 2020

We just finished the first month of reading through the Letter of James. These people are reading right alongside you… and here’s what they learned as they read through God’s Word.

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But We Have Hope

September 29, 2020

Despite the darkness in this world, we have hope. Hope in a Savior who is at work restoring all that is broken.

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Worshipping Where You Work

July 16, 2020

God calls all of us to work as a form of worship, and we are called to work where He places us. Therefore, we can trust that he will equip and prepare us for the work He has given us.

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The Wake Up Call Named 2020

June 26, 2020

2020 is not a bad year, it is a wakeup call to the Church in America. What 2020 needs is Kingdom People. People who are secure in Christ. And able to boldly declare a vision for God’s Kingdom come on earth like it is in heaven.

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Finishing Well

May 17, 2020

Around age 45, I realized I could see the second half of my life and the finish line. It’s a sobering vision because you realize that you have more miles in your rearview mirror then you do in the windshield ahead of you. Now as I am about to turn 50, I’m finding inspiration in the message of the burning bush.

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About the harassed and helpless …

April 27, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, while we don’t know when it will end, we know that there is tremendous need coming. God is preparing us to be the answer. He is sending us to intervene and help these harassed and helpless people. We are his plan. So let’s get ready.

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A Love Without Filters

April 8, 2020

Erin Ahnfeldt shares about how God used his friend Scotty to remind him of the truth … we have a “Lifter of our heads” who wants us to see Him, because when we look at Him, the mess of this world won’t be so consuming.

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The Importance of Creativity During a Crisis

April 3, 2020

Life has been interrupted leaving us scrambling to figure out what this mean for us. God made us creative, expressive people and while technology is keeping us all connected during these unsettling days, there’s also a need to be able to express ourselves through physical exercise as well as doing some hands-on creating.

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Living Life Under a Stay-at-Home Order

March 31, 2020

This time of social isolation creates space for a lot of reflection and discovery. For David White, one of our elders, it has lead to a new perspective on the story in Mark about the leper who asks Jesus to heal him. The healing was about so much more than the physical restoration … it restored him to community.

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The Bittersweet Place of Hope

March 21, 2020

Sometimes we get lost in this idea of helping others in far places and lose site of who we can help in our immediate vicinity. I was ready to go wherever God wanted me to go. But, he already had me where he wanted me to be. I am now standing with people in their fear, panic, worry, and loss.

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