The Simplicity of the Gospel

May 19, 2021 | Written by Juan Cabrera

One of the amazing things about reading the book of 1 John together as a church family, is that we get to hear what others are learning and hearing from God. We get to come alongside one another in our spiritual journeys. Check out more of these stories and the 1 John Reading Plan!

Juan Cabrera: 1 John 1 & John 1:14-18

What stuck out to me about both of these sections of scripture is the fact that John is hammering home that Jesus is truly human in all aspects of life.

He shares the fact that people saw Him, they lived with Him and many people testified about His life and what they observed. This wasn’t one or two people saying something about Jesus, these events were seen by a large numbers of people to remove any possibility of doubt.

Now that we know that Jesus is human, John points us to the fact that Jesus is also the Son of God. This is something that we take for granted thousands of years later. But if you were hearing this for the first time, it had to be a shock to the system, and that’s why John is really trying to bring both of these issues together. Yes, Jesus is fully human and fully God! Wow!!

The last observation is John’s clear simplicity of the Gospel, because he brings things down to the basics. We have a tendency of complicating the Gospel and it’s a great reminder in keeping the message simple.

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