Ministry to Women at Pulpit Rock


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Small Group Bible Studies

We have many small groups of women who meet with each other regularly, share a table together, engage in conversation, study Scripture and build community.

Some are young moms that need a break and some conversation with other moms. Some are older women pouring into the lives of younger women. Some have launched from our annual large group gathering.

Each group is unique, based on the needs of those who are a part of it.

Upcoming Women's Events

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Resources and Personal Growth


  • Remember God (Annie F. Downs)

  • Dance Stand Run (Jess Connolly)

  • Everybody Always (Bob Goff)

  • The Road Back to You (Ian Morgan Cron)

  • The Soul of Shame (Kurt Thompson)

  • Made for More (Jennie Allen)

  • Come and Eat (Bri McCoy)

  • The Meaning of Marriage (Timothy Keller)

  • In His Image (Jen Wilkin)


  • That Sounds Fun (Annie F. Downs)

  • Risen Motherhood

  • Fun Therapy (Mike Foster)

  • The Next Right Thing (Emily P. Freeman)

  • Truth's Table

  • The Bible Project

  • Typology


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