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The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.

Rest is a verb.

“Rest” is a verb. It means to actively or purposefully cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. Here’s what that looked like for 60 women at the Refuge Women’s Retreat last weekend.

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The Prayer of Examen

In our hectic and distracted lives, it can be hard to hear how God is speaking to us. The Examen is a way of praying that gives us an opportunity to pause in our day to experience the presence and love of God. At the heart of the practice is increasingly becoming aware of God’s presence and the Holy Spirit’s movement throughout our day.

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The Platform Nobody Wants

D.C. Talk formed the soundtrack of my teen years. I knew every single word of Free at Last. 30 years later I’m still listening to his music and continue to be a TobyMac fan to this day. And yet no words from Toby MacKeehan have impacted me the way reading his Facebook post about his son did.

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When our grill became a fire pit.

Halloween is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to be intentional in your neighborhood. Halloween is the one time of the year when your neighbors actually come to you. Pulpit Rock would love to help you pull off something missional in your neighborhood.

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An Eye Clinic at Leku Keta in Ethiopia

Kyle Collins spent last week in Ethiopia, accompanied by two eye doctors. They spent time at our partner church, Leku Keta, where they conducted an eye clinic to address the massive need for eye care.

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The Beauty Beyond Me

Something is changing in me. I’ve been doing this teaching thing for over twenty years, but I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve been selfish. But God is changing me, one interruption at a time.

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