The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.

Join our new virtual small group.

In these days of social distancing and #stayathome we still need community. Connection is more important than ever before. Now is not the time to muscle through on your own. We are launching our first ever, online only, virtual small group. Would you join us?

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Presence Weekend … our last time together for a while.

Each year we hold our spring women’s conference the second weekend in March. This year, Janae felt we were supposed to hold it one week earlier. So we did. Now we know why. 2 days. 130 women. Worship. Art. Laughter. Tears. Story. Friendship. It was a beautiful, meaningful time together.

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Just Keep Showing Up

Whether it’s around a table or in front of a computer screen, we need to show up for each other. Go ahead and venture out in this brave new world by staying home and going online. We need each other, and we can find time and space for friendship in this stressful season of quarantine. Showing up matters now more than ever.

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The Bittersweet Place of Hope

Sometimes we get lost in this idea of helping others in far places and lose site of who we can help in our immediate vicinity. I was ready to go wherever God wanted me to go. But, he already had me where he wanted me to be. I am now standing with people in their fear, panic, worry, and loss.

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Practicing In Home Discipleship

Without a doubt, this pandemic is a disruption to each of our lives. We can allow this disruption to throw us into a tailspin of fear, anxiety, lethargy, etc. or we can reframe this disruption as a bittersweet blessing. We can ask our God to use this time to bring refreshment and renewal. Here’s a great resource to help you with this.

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a rope wrapped around a tree

A Reminder to Be Steadfast

I’m not sure where your heart is with our world spinning out a bit, but I do know that we are all feeling the weight of this current season in some way. In times like this we are tempted to fix, control, understand, and numb out. But I’ve been focusing on the word “steadfast.” Our God is steadfast. And we should be too.

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