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The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.

The Best Way to Be Heard in a Noisy World

Is it just me, or is the world getting louder and angrier? It seems no matter which way you turn, someone is shouting to have their view point or their cause heard. How do we, as Christians, engage in the important matters of the world, our country and our hometown in a way that honors Jesus? The answer may surprise you.

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How your generosity is transforming lives in Uganda.

I once could never have imagined getting to travel the world helping others discover how much God loves them and how big His plans are for them. Now I am the Executive Global Director of Lifeworkx. With the help of Pulpit Rock, Uganda is seeing transformative awakening by the tens of thousands.

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Pulpit Rock, I’d like you to meet Bri McKoy.

Ladies, you’re invited to hang out with Food Blogger and Author Bri McKoy. She is the special guest at our upcoming Presence Weekend. Here’s an introduction to her and a bit of her story. We are excited to share the weekend with her. Have you signed up yet?

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Serving Jesus with Splatter Paint

I think that it’s very important to serve at church. You have a different way to worship God instead of your typical singing and prayer. I believe that God does see my gift to create just as important as other service projects. Even if I’m not stopping something like world hunger I can still make people happy with my art.

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Introducing … Humblewood Workshop

The Love Your Neighbor team was recently blessed with a large donation of woodworking equipment and tools – enough to set up a complete workshop! We now have a workshop at Pulpit Rock to build bunk beds for kids, nightstands for families starting over, and anything else we can think of to love our neighbors here in Colorado Springs.

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Snowbound 2020: A Recap

What do you get when you combine 500 middle school students and caring, Christ following, adults, with snow capped mountain backdrops, with ridiculous games, with dynamic worship and relevant preaching? Something crazy fun called Snowbound!

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