Don’t Go It Alone

July 29, 2021

We encourage you to find a small group like this one that can challenge you, love you, and grow you!

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Racial Reconciliation

May 10, 2021

How do we address all of this conflict, unequal treatment, protests, riots, and killings over the past several years?

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A Healthy AND Happy Marriage

February 1, 2021

If we value God’s design for marriage, the only option we have is to nurture it with intentionality.

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Knowing the Face of God

September 10, 2020

There is no deeper, more intense human longing than to know God is real and to see Him face to face. Join us as we share our own experiences while learning from Tim Stafford’s new perspectives on that most important relationship.

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Marriage is Hard

September 1, 2020

Marriage is an amazing gift from God, but because it’s between two broken people, it also takes nurturing, intention and some grit. Learn about ways to strengthen and refresh your marriage!

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Living a Life Out Loud

August 25, 2020

We’d like to invite you on a journey this fall that will address faith questions during a time where we are a “dispersed” community.

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A Chance to Say Thank You

June 19, 2020

Without a doubt, the Thompson family has made a deep and lasting impression on Pulpit Rock Church. For 13 years, Thomas has lead us with transparency, authenticity, and humility. It’s been a beautiful time for our church. Now is our time to say thank you.

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Stewarding ourselves well through this season.

June 17, 2020

We have been entrusted with all of our days and the way we steward ourselves in them matters. I don’t want to waste the season we are in – it definitely may look different than I had planned or even hoped, but it’s been given to me as a gift and I can treat it as such.

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June 11, 2020

After more than two months of worshiping separately in our homes, last Sunday some of us gathered together in person again. While we were still spread out – whether in our building, at different locations, or some still at homes – we were together. It was different … but wonderful.

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What Shapes You?

May 27, 2020

This pandemic has given us new, creative ways to “come together” as a community to share the things God is placing on our hearts. Online conversations, Whole Care Check-In’s, Socially Distanced Small Group Tailgating.
Over the next four Sundays I’ll share four passages of scripture that are shaping me. Our hope is that in the sharing of scriptures that are shaping us, you might find God wanting to shape you.

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