Stewarding ourselves well through this season.

June 17, 2020 | Written by Caitlin Garrett

Recently I heard someone mention that they have accepted that this summer will be a ‘lost summer’.

In some ways, I can relate – cancelled concerts and festivals, delayed sports seasons for my kids that will inevitably be cancelled, changed vacation plans, and on and on.

But the more I think about it, I don’t want to concede this summer!

Prepping for Thomas’ sermon on Sunday reminded me that we have been entrusted with all of our days and the way we steward ourselves in them matters.

I don’t want to waste the season we are in – it definitely may look different than I had planned or even hoped, but it’s been given to me as a gift and I can treat it as such.

I’d love to hear what shifts you’ve made or plan to make to enjoy the summer of 2020.

Incidentally, summer in PRC Groups always looks a little bit different than the norm, and this year is no exception!  My main invitation to you is to REST! These past few months have been a lot. If you’ve been meeting virtually or found some other way to connect, you may be exhausted.

Over the next 8 weeks or so, consider taking an intentional time to refresh. Hopefully, we will soon be returning to some more normal times of meeting and community and this time of rest can prepare you for that. I’m asking the Lord to provide a time of deep respite for our church, to allow seeds of excitement and fresh energy to grow.

Here are a few of the things we have going on during this season…

Also don’t forget to RSVP for in person services at Pulpit Rock or Third Space here – we’ve added the option to respond for the entire month if you’d like. Livestream service will continue here.

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I’m not sure where your heart is with our world spinning out a bit, but I do know that we are all feeling the weight of this current season in some way. In times like this we are tempted to fix, control, understand, and numb out. But I’ve been focusing on the word “steadfast.” Our God is steadfast. And we should be too.


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