The most important thing we can do when we give financially is engage with the heart of God and ask Him how He wants us to give. Percentages and amounts can guide our giving, but ultimately giving is an expression of love, trust and thankfulness. We encourage you to allow God to lead you as you give to Pulpit Rock.

Four easy ways to give...

Giving Boxes

There are giving boxes located upstairs and downstairs throughout the sanctuary. You can give by cash or check in those boxes.


Text PULPITROCK to 44321.

Online Donation

You can make a one-time donation through your checking account or credit card here.

Recurring Donation

You can set this up through your bank’s bill pay feature or through us. Sign up or download the form.

A few posts about how we spend your money...

How We Steward Our Financial Resources

Church budgets, money and such… Thank you for trusting us with what God has called you to give.

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It’s Not About the Money

In overseeing the budget of our church, my understanding about money has shifted. I’ve seen first hand what happens when generous people are focused on a worthwhile purpose. I care about our purpose. I care about the space God is creating here. I want to ask you to invest your heart in God’s purposes with me.

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The Top Two Questions About Money

Church is first and foremost a spiritual thing. But we all know that in our world a church also exists as an organization. And like any organization, we have to make wise decisions about a whole host of practical things like spending money.

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Making the World a Less Lonely Place

Our friendships with each other are central to everything we do here at Pulpit Rock. Loving each other flows through everything we do because we value making the world a less lonely place.

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On Lightbulbs and Such

I was was recently reminded how many little things – things that I never think about – are needed to keep life smooth and functioning. Things like lightbulbs. Pulpit Rock Church exists to help people journey with God. And we can’t do that without lightbulbs.

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How We Spend Your Money

We know we can’t make anyone grow – all we can do is create an environment that reflects the gospel and trust God to do what only he can do. Here’s how we are doing that, thanks to your faithful giving.

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