Our Generosity at Work

March 7, 2024 | Written by Adria Robinson

This blog is part 2 of a 3-part series about generosity, as we take some intentional time this year to share what we believe about giving, the impact of your giving, and to invite you to have a conversation with God about it.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out part one of this 3-part series, I would encourage you to circle back and read it here. Kyle shared with us how our perspective on giving is really centered around Paul’s message in 1 Corinthians that “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (1 Cor 10:26).

He talked about how all our resources (money, time, talents, energy) belong to God and we are just caretakers of it. One of the reasons we are encouraging you to have a conversation with God about your money is because we truly believe God uses generous living to form us more and more in the image of Christ.

As an organization, stewarding the resources we have been entrusted with also means conversations with God – about how to spend the money we have, where to invest it, who He’s calling us to partner with, and trusting Him to provide. It means budgeting and accountability and implementing sound financial practices.

And it means sharing with you the impact that your generosity has had over the past year – it’s equal parts transparency, along with excitement to celebrate all that God is doing through us.

Have you wondered what our collective generosity was able to accomplish last year? Here are just a few of the highlights!

  • We sent 32% of every dollar given to Pulpit Rock outside the walls of this place – what is even more amazing about that number is it’s not inflated to include salaries of staff who oversee missions or any overhead. Truly, 32% of every dollar is invested back into kingdom work in our city and around the world– over $492,000 in our last fiscal year.
  • We supported 21 missional partners every month who serve locally and around the world.
  • We helped fight human trafficking, provided relief for refugees, supported our friends’ work in Uganda & Ethiopia, and empowered marginalized female leaders.
  • We built and delivered 381 beds & bedding, giving kids a special place to sleep, through our Love Your Neighbor ministry.
  • We sent Ask-a-Moms twice a month to students at UCCS, sharing cookies, hugs & encouragement, building a bridge from our church to the university.
  • We helped plan and facilitate citywide serve days for our neighbors through COSILoveYou.
  • We funded micro-Kingdom expressions through the Pando Collective – a mobile street ministry, Life Ministries, Skate Church, PushStart, and the CCF food pantry, as well as built partnerships with students & faculty at Panorama Middle School and Turman Elementary.
  • We created environments every week for all ages that display welcome and provide connection, fun, and learning about Jesus.
  • We poured into our students through their participation in community serve days, winter camps, monthly connection events and weekly teaching.
  • We created 5 Days of Summer Fun for our kiddos and family events like pumpkin carving & lantern making.
  • We hosted women’s retreats & Cultivating Wholeness events, men’s breakfasts & gatherings, Walking with Grief classes & marriage coaching.
  • We started woodshop days for disabled adults through Special Kids Special Families – helping all to feel seen, known, and loved.
  • We provided emergency assistance to families in need in our own church community and beyond.

Because of the ways you have said ‘yes’ to giving of your time, gifts and resources, Pulpit Rock was able to say yes to all these things. While also being able to cover all the necessities that come with running a church. Maintaining a building, caring for a property, and staffing all of our ministries.

I am reminded of the psalmist’s words, “They tell of the power of your awesome works – and I will proclaim your great deeds. They celebrate your abundant goodness…” (Psalms 145: 6-7)

We have so much to be thankful for and God’s faithfulness to provide is evident.

As we look forward, we are excited about what 2024 holds. And we are asking this question – What Kingdom work will be a declaration of God’s goodness this year because of the faithful giving of his people?

We can’t do all that God has called us to without your partnership, without the generosity of your time, talents, and resources.

So can we humbly ask that you continue the conversations you’re having with God about giving regularly to Pulpit Rock and how he might be leading you to participate? And then to do whatever he tells you to do.

If that next step is to give a gift for the first time, join us in regular giving or to adjust your giving, you can do that at pulpitrock.com/give.

We invite you to be on the lookout as we wrap up the Generosity blog series after Easter with where we’re headed and some financial goals we’ve set for 2024!


Adria Robinson

Executive Director of Operations

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