Our Finances- Where We’re At & Where We’re Headed

September 5, 2023 | Written by Adria Robinson

Hello Church,

In my role as the Executive Director of Operations, I’ve seen firsthand how God has used people saying yes to generosity to impact the world. The world around them and across the globe. That’s why we believe in sharing stories and why sharing more regularly about how God is at work through our finances is important.

If you’ll recall, back in May we let you know about being on the brink of paying off our mortgage and becoming debt free as a church. And if you were able to join us in July at our outdoor gathering, we were able to share this special moment and celebrate as a community, because we did it!

We are now DEBT FREE – no loans of any kind and our operating expenses are paid in full each month! Truly worth celebrating!

Would you take a moment to thank God for his faithfulness in this?

You may also remember that we shared about the decline in our overall giving that we’ve experienced over the past 5 years and asked if you would pray for God’s provision and also what he might be saying to you about participating with us in the area of finances. I’d like to update you on where we’re at:

  • We came in about $44,000 short of our $1.2M budget, or 3.65% under where we had hoped to be.
  • As we monitored the anticipated shortfall in the second half of the fiscal year, we exercised caution and both our ministry spending and fixed expenses were under budget by $49,000 overall. This means our reserves are still in place without having to be used.
  • Where we end one fiscal year determines how we budget for the next. So this year we trimmed the budget, and need to reach annual giving of $1.16M to our general ministry fund.

Retiring the mortgage is huge, but right now that’s helping us offset decreased general giving in order to meet our essential budget needs. And we want to be able to use it for so much more than that…

  • to say “yes” to some new kingdom partnerships we’ve been exploring
  • to say “yes” to new opportunities we don’t even know about yet that will align with our heartbeat
  • to expand what is sent outside these wallscurrently, this is just over 30% of every dollar we receive, and we have a dream of exceeding 50%!

The truth is, we know that without God none of this is possible, and with him, even more than we can imagine is possible. I came across this recently, where the author said, “If he who created the earth also has a plan to restore it, that plan could include each of us…That would mean it requires me to ask him to show me how I can take part.” That’s why our only ask is simply this, “God, are you asking me to take part here through giving – either the first step or the next step?”

As I’ve been reflecting and praying on how God might be asking our family to give more, I’ve been reminded of the ways that God uses the act of “giving away” to form me – whether it’s my finances, my possessions, my time, or my plans.

  • Generosity helps me focus on its redemptive potential, shifting my posture outward to see those around me and to connect with others. When my gaze is directed inward (where I find myself often), I’m left clinging to my resources in an unhealthy way, walking a path of self-reliance.
  • God uses generosity to gently remind me that I am not sustained by my own efforts but by the sufficiency of his grace and provision.
  • God’s heart is not that I experience fear or worry when it comes to money, but he is kind and loving when I acknowledge this before him.

Would you continue praying with us and for us as we trust with confidence his provision over each of us individually and as a community? And if you believe God is leading you to participate in a new or expanded way and you’re ready to take the next step,

thank you for joining us!

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