The Importance of Creativity During a Crisis

April 3, 2020 | Written by Cindy Limbrick

“Normal life.”

What’s the definition of those words anymore?

Life as we knew it has been interrupted leaving us scrambling to figure out what this mean for us as individuals, families, communities and beyond. Our world has changed for sure. There’s a huge need now to define new rhythms and routines that in the long run can help us stay grounded and not panic during these days.

God made us creative, expressive people and while technology is keeping us all connected during these unsettling days, there’s also a need to be able to express ourselves through physical exercise as well as doing some hands-on creating.

Many of my friends have expressed how one minute they feel fine in the midst of so much change and the next they find themselves locked in a bathroom or a closet, shedding tears and not even sure why they’re crying. I’ve been there myself and in the search for a new routine I am realizing once again how important it is for me to put down the phone, get away from my computer screen and do some hands on creating.

It’s not necessarily about working on a masterpiece of art, although that’s totally fine, but for me it’s about connecting with my creative side and being able to express what’s within me. By doing that, I find myself calmer, more hopeful and centered on the truth that God is faithful and still in control.

Below you’ll find some creative expressions that might help spur you, your family and friends forward into some creativity. So clear off a table, set out whatever creative supplies available, turn on some music, and invite everyone to the table. Don’t make fun of your art or other’s creations. Silence the inner “art critic” voice…let yourself go, be in the moments and celebrate! 

Who I Am Poem

A simple creative exercise for individuals, couples, families, community groups and beyond.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper – card stock, construction, watercolor, mixed media papers work best but regular paper can work … just don’t use the paint!
  • Markers, Paints, Pens/Pencils, Straws (anything you currently have on hand!)


Open the Who I Am Poem pdf, print copies for each person to fill in the blanks or have each family member write each line on a blank piece of paper.

Once you’ve written your poem, take an additional piece of paper, and write out all the words of the poem … create around the words, draw a profile or a face and neck on it and write the words in place of facial features. If you doing with family members or your community groups online, take some time to allow everyone to read his/her poem. Don’t miss the moment to listen to other’s thoughts, and feelings in their creativity!

Take a selfie of your family or send a copy of the poems to We would love to hear and see you in the creative process!

Art Journaling Ideas

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper and whatever pens, markers, paints, etc to create with.

Three Prompt Ideas:

  • Feeling/Thinking Sentence
    Write out everything you’re feeling/thinking in one continuous long sentence. Don’t worry about punctuation or sentence structure. The goal is to let it out so don’t hold back and let it flow!
  • ”Grateful for…”
    Write out things you are grateful for in this season. From the smallest to the largest…write it all! This prompt can help us see past the hard, negativeCreate around the words using colorful images, etc. 
  • Truth Grounding
    Go through your Bible and find any scripture you’ve underlined, write it in a journal or on a piece of paper that you can refer back to when anxiety or fear start to appear.

Google “art journaling prompts” for limitless prompts if you’re feeling stuck.

Simple Creative Ideas

Ideas for families

Squiggly Line
Grab a piece of paper, markers, crayons, etc. Draw a squiggly line for three seconds, past to person on your right. Keep drawing and passing until everyone has their original paper. Let the creativity begin!

Allow your eyes and mind to see a face, or animal or object out of whatever the creative line might be. Use your imagination!

Paper Plates turned Jellyfish
Cut paper plate in half, paint and let dry. Punch holes along the cut line and add yarn for tentacles. Draw or glue googly eyes to finish the face of your jellyfish!

Coffee Filters
Grab several filters, some fun, colorful sharpies and design the filters. Spray with 90% alcohol for a tie die effect!

Painters Tape Art
Supplies: canvas or heavier paper, painters tape, paint or markers. Divide canvas/paper into sections using painters tape. Press tape and paint or color each section. When finished, remove tape to reveal your work of art!

For additional ideas, jump on Pinterest and you’ll find all kinds of options!

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