The story of God can be found in the stories of His people.


Amelia and Sophie

Two young girls from our church heard about the need to raise money for our auditorium and they got to work. They are an inspiration and we’re excited to share their stories!

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Sports Camp 2016

In the past, Pulpit Rock had contracted with an organization that brought the camp to us. This year God led us to try our hand at doing it on our own. Here’s how it went.

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COS I Love You

If you have lived in COS for a while you know that Christians haven’t always had the best reputation. But the tide is turning and there is a new generation of leaders in our churches who want to rebrand our faith.

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Who is my neighbor?

A response from our Senior Pastor Thomas Thomson to two recent events in the news.

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Modeling Worship for our Children

This summer we are trying something a little bit different with our Elementary program, Kingdom Kids. We are encouraging a family worship experience during our 9:00am service.

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The SOAP Study Method

SOAP is a simple method of studying God’s word that allows you to interact with the scripture and understand it on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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