Community Happens Around a Table

April 14, 2022 | Written by The Schiess Family & The Nester Family

We talk a lot about the Table here at Pulpit Rock. We believe sharing a meal together around a table can create deep connection and friendship, which we see to be true in Jesus’ ministry!

That’s why we created First and Second Table. Learn even more about our heart behind it here.

First Table was created to be a space where we could get to know you and share a little bit about us over breakfast on a Sunday. We believe it’s the perfect place to start if you’re new around here and checking things out. Wherever you are in your journey with God, you are welcome at our table.

For those who have already attended First Table, or have been at Pulpit Rock for a while, we know that stepping into an existing small group can be intimidating. We’ve created Second Table to be a low pressure, 8 week experience to meet others at Pulpit Rock that are also looking for connection and friendship. Each week we’ll provide some breakfast, discussion around the table, and opportunities to form relationship.

Members of our church family share about their experiences at First and Second Table…

“We have been at Pulpit just over a year. As soon as we decided to make Pulpit Rock our church home, we attended First Table! We wanted an opportunity to solidify that decision by talking to some staff members, finding out where we could serve, and meeting other people.

First Table was great because we got to talk with others who were in the decision process too and share our experiences. Interacting with staff members was also really helpful because we got the opportunity to ask questions in person.

After attending First Table and making the decision to make this church our family, it was so helpful to have a next step through Second Table. We loved having that experience that was so easy! All you have to do is show up every week. It was structured enough to make it work, but not so structured that you couldn’t just get to know each other naturally. We met a group of people that we may never have gotten to interact with at church, and it has resulted in us being part of a permanent small group.

We have loved getting to know the other people in our group. It has allowed us to feel more like Pulpit Rock is our church family. Moving into the community during covid was challenging, and First and Second Table helped us find places to serve and a group to do life with!”

– Doug and Debbie Schiess

“We started attending Pulpit Rock in June 2016. Even though we had been attending for quite a while, we hadn’t made the deep connections we’d been looking for. So, we decided to attend Second Table, and we loved it!

It was so nice to have our children cared for and food catered! Plus, we got to meet some awesome people that we formed true relationship with. Since then, we have enjoyed leading a small group and making even more connections with those who attend Pulpit Rock. We would love to have even more families join our group!”

– Tim and Katie Nester

If you’re new here or checking things out, we would love to invite you to join us at First Table! You can RSVP for that here.

If you’ve already attended First Table, or been at Pulpit Rock for a while, then Second Table might be a great step for you!

We’re so glad you’re part of our community at Pulpit Rock. The next First and Second Tables are happening May 1st! If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll join us around the table.

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Finding connection at the table.

When I became the Small Groups Director, I was excited about helping people connect and find community here. Every week, someone would say they were ready to join a small group. I would point them to our wide buffet of group options. Almost without fail, nothing would come of it. I knew there had to be a better way to help people connect.

Why Table Manners?

When we struggle to get along at this table that Jesus has created for us the watching world concludes: “Your Jesus must be too small – because he doesn’t even seem to be big enough for you all to stay together and love each other.” To be the church means we have to honor the fact that God created us differently.

My Actual Table

Every day is different, but every day there is a table and there is Jesus. And there has been this beautiful image of Him sitting at my table reclined with a good drink in hand and without an agenda. He laughs more than worries and He is relaxed. I’m reminded that the table is not for lists or problem solving. The table is for receiving his company and His acceptance.


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