Finding connection at the table.

July 26, 2018 | Written by Caitlin Garrett

A group of adults and kids gathered around a table.
My small group and close-knit family has given me a desire to help others find community.

Growing up in a close knit family and being part of various small groups over the years, I have such a deep desire for everyone to experience the benefit of close friends to do life with and provide support in our faith journey. When I moved into the Small Group director position on staff two years ago, I was apprehensive, but so excited about helping people connect and find community here.

Fast forward one year. I was a little discouraged and felt stuck. Almost every week, someone would reach out and say they were ready to join a small group. I would point them to our wide buffet of group options or connect them with a small group leader.

Almost without fail, nothing would come of it.

I wanted people to connect and they wanted to connect, but something was preventing it from actually happening.

I knew there had to be a better way to help people take a next step that wasn’t so overwhelming or uncomfortable.

At that same time, Thomas had been teaching for several weeks about how important gathering around a table was in Jesus’ ministry, and one day we (on staff) had a collective ‘”aha” moment: The table represents so much – togetherness, grace, discussion, hospitality. Sharing time around the table naturally invites some intimacy. It helps us to open up to each other.

Right there was my answer!

Come join us at the table. We’ve saved a seat for you!

We started Second Table as a low pressure move towards community; a way to gather people together that wanted to find and foster deeper connection, as well as provide a framework for the rhythms that help us grow in our relationship with God.

Since January, we’ve had close to 70 people come through the first four sessions of Second Table, and have been blown away by what God has done with it. Out of a few meetings around the table have come multiple ongoing groups, new places for young adults to connect, friendships and a greater sense of community for participants.

For me, Second Table has helped me find my groove for developing belonging for people at Pulpit Rock. It has been such a success that we are planning to get our existing small groups involved in coming to the table this fall. (Stay tuned!)

Our next session of Second Table kicks off on August 15 and if you have been longing for a greater sense of home here, I encourage you to sign up!

Written by Caitlin Garrett

There’s still time to sign up for the next Second Table, which starts August 15!


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