Life Around the Firepit

June 8, 2021 | Written by Hannah Unger

Sunsets, summer air, friends, worship, a firepit. There’s something about the combination of those things that makes heaven feel a little closer to earth.

Just over a month ago, a few staff were sitting around the lunch table dreaming up the idea of building a church firepit right beside the Lawn. The idea sounded great to me. Who doesn’t love a good firepit?

What didn’t cross my mind was what more this space could offer – something so much more valuable than just a place to roast marshmallows and watch the sunset.

The new firepit made its debut last Sunday night when Renewal, our Women’s Ministry here at Pulpit Rock, kicked off the summer with a worship and bonfire night!

New faces and old friends, women of all ages and stages of life, gathered around the fire to re-connect with one another and join in a time of worship.

There’s something so refreshing about lifting your voice in praise alongside other women as the sun sets behind the mountains. In the same way a spark ignites a fire, we felt this night of worship re-ignite our souls.

We paused between songs to reflect on Psalm 91. As Janae read aloud, we closed our eyes, listening for the Lord to speak to us through the passage.

And then, something beautiful happened.

One by one, women started sharing what God was doing in their lives, what He was whispering to them in that very moment. We shared struggles from the past year, a few tears, and plenty of laughs.

I arrived that evening expecting a nice night full of worship around a fire. And it was. But what I didn’t even know I needed that night was the connection and community that was created from the vulnerability of these precious women.

This new addition to our property is way more than just a firepit. It’s a new-found safe space. A place for encouragement, relationship, and community. Something that can feel so rare these days.

Here’s to many more summer nights like these, filled with precious moments created around this firepit!

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