A Night Among the Wild Flowers

August 23, 2023 | Written by Tiah Ciganek

This August, I was able to attend Cultivating Wholeness, focused on the theme of being held, with my sister. This night was much needed for my own personal life. The evening began in the most beautiful backyard, with streaming lights and a cozy breeze, surrounded by a multitude of women gathering for more reasons than I can imagine. But the core is always community — to feel oneness together.

That is exactly what I needed: a night where I felt united with my fellow women in Christ. We started in a place of meditation and “being held.” I did not realize the impact of the simple action of just holding yourself, and what it would do for me. To breathe and just be completely present where I was in that moment. Not being pulled in all the directions that life was taking me in at that moment; rather, I was still, present, at rest.

That is what my soul needed: peace and relaxation.

The speaker, Tabitha, shared her own experience of loss and rejection and talked about sunflowers — how they orient themselves toward sunlight during the day. I had never heard this before, and it’s been on my mind ever since: to direct myself to God, to be in constant relationship with Him, to always be looking to Him to shine light on every single situation in life.

Personally, I love flowers — not only how they look, but how they make me feel in every single season; flowers can always cheer me up. Tabitha shared how she had a flower bed that was overgrown with weeds, and flowers started popping up that she did not plant. She was told that birds carried the seeds and dropped them in her garden box.

This spoke to me deeply: no matter how things look or how messy they get, God can plant ANYTHING beautiful among weeds, even when we haven’t tended to that area for a while. He knows what we need, and He is for us.

The night ended with Cindy mentioning to write the word “consider” and write. We painted on a beautiful floral canvas and wrote whatever we needed to, overall this night was exactly what I needed and I am just so grateful for everyone that put this beautiful night together.

My encouragement to you is to join next time and enjoy being present for a few hours.


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