A Wonderful Womens Weekend

November 29, 2022 | Written by Janae Collins

 It felt fitting as we drove to Westcliffe during the first real snow of the season, watching Fall and Winter in a beautiful collision. I’ve been drawn to the overlap of seasons recently. The mornings I could still look out at my flowers in full bloom from the Summer while feeling the Fall chill in the air at the same time. The bright yellow leaves stand out next to their brown friends from the day before now on the ground. The small space in between seasons is stunning when we catch it. 
Our Renewal Getaway seemed to meet us all in between seasons. We asked the Holy Spirit to be a light in our paths, expose what we’re attempting to hold onto in the darkness, and move forward with confidence in our name as Beloved. Here are what a few women who attended had to say about our time away!

“Our October renewal retreat was so incredibly special for me for so many reasons. The speakers were outstanding! The food was delicious, the location was peaceful and beautiful, the worship time was soul quenching, I could go on and on. But my biggest takeaway from our time together was the laughter, the love and the fellowship with an amazing group of women. I loved listening to the younger ladies share their stories about their lives, careers, families and kids. But I also felt so connected with my age group as well. I could sit at any table for lunch/dinner or be with any small group and I felt connected, heard and most importantly loved! I’d love to see more ladies enjoy the same connection and comradery at future retreats. This one will always hold a special memory for me, the memory of unconditional love and acceptance among a group of sweet sisters in Christ.”

“I loved how everyone wanted to hold and help with Slade, like so much auntie/Grammy love in there surrounding my sweet boy. It was so helpful for me and I just felt incredibly supported as I walk through this season of single mom-hood.”

“I also really enjoyed the quality time I got with the ladies on the hike. Everyone was affirming and encouraging and I God knew I needs to be lifted up. God knew I needed to share some faith of my sisters in this season of fear and doubt!”
“The weekend getaway was so full of good things. It was a great way to meet women, share journeys, learn, worship, pray and play. The sessions were so well thought out, very appropo to life, touching, funny and tender. I felt so connected to myself and others, grateful for how Jesus works in our lives. Thanks for all the planning. I look forward to meeting again in many ways.”
“It was a great weekend to be thoughtful and interactive with God. Although I am normally opinionated and out spoken, this weekend was a much-needed respite for me to simply hear about others’ interactions with the Holy Spirit and to begin intentional healing from a really tough past year. My God wants the healthiest version of me and sometimes He requires silence in the mountains to hear from Him.”
“How rich the time away with the women of PRC was for my soul! I am always surprised and amazed at how women come together with openness, a desire to be known, and a heart to experience God in community. I loved the lifting of voices in worship, the emphasis on light in a world that can feel so dark, and hearing parts of each other’s messy, beautiful, redemptive, story. Laughter through tears, silliness after silence. Such deep beauty!”
“I had an amazing time at the retreat! God used it powerfully in my life to connect with other women and hear their stories, and I loved the opportunities to confess sin and see ourselves through Jesus’ eyes.  There is so much power in replacing lies with the names God has given to us! Pulpit Rock has become a safe place for many people who have been hurt by the church, and it’s exciting to see what He can do when women gather to seek Him together.”
It was a great weekend to be with each other. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, those who dwelt in the land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” -Isaiah 1:1-2

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