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April 13, 2021 | Written by Sharla Windle

This spring, we’re reading 1 John together as a church family!

Our sermon series will be going through John’s letter in a unique way on Sunday mornings by studying the text topically, so our reading plan will keep the text in order. We even added in some verses from John’s Gospel to our weekly reading for further study on the ideas John is writing about. Check out the 1 John Reading Plan here!

We loved hearing your honest reactions and thoughts as we read James and 1 Peter together, and we can’t wait to continue sharing those reflections this spring.

Sharla Windle: 1 John 1 & John 1:1-4

John expresses in this passage that he got to see Jesus, hear Jesus, and physically feel him.

Fast-forwarding to the modern day, it can be incredibly hard to put our faith in something we don’t get to see, hear, or feel.

For me, it was difficult to read this passage and not think about how I see God working in my life in simple ways.

To be a 23-year-old college student who is swallowed whole by the stress of what I am currently working towards, and even more so by what may come next, I try to narrow my focus on just today.

And in those moments, I can also see Jesus working in my “today”. A smooth drive to work, a friendly encounter with a stranger, and most often the peace that He lays on my heart for my future every single day.

This passage and primarily the immense joy behind John’s epic choice of words is what has stood out to me the most.

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