Minor Prophets

Resisting Complacency

January 13, 2022

The Lord doesn’t want us to be disengaged and complacent, He wants us actively seeking to remake this world in His image. 

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God’s Mercy Through Discipline and Judgement

January 4, 2022

God offers forgiveness for our rebellion against Him through Christ’s perfect life lived on our behalf and His death as payment for that rebellion.

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Surrendered Idols

November 22, 2021

It can be easy for God’s call on our life to become an idol of entitlement and identity.

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His Love Changes Us

October 14, 2021

His perfect love is meant to change us! Follow along with us in the Reading Plan.

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A Beautiful Mix of Justice and Grace

September 30, 2021

God is this beautiful mix of justice AND grace. He is this seemingly contradictory concoction of strong and healthy boundaries and gentleness.

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The God of Second Chances

September 16, 2021

In our stubbornness and reluctance, God never gives up on us. He pursues us just like He pursued Jonah.

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