imago Dei Prayer

July 10, 2023 | Written by PRC Staff

This week, Sunday, July 9th we were joined by Preston Goff from our partner organization The Exodus Road. He closed his sermon with this beautiful benediction prayer.

Lord, you have said
That each one of us
Has been created In your image, which can be difficult
To understand when
We see so much brokenness
In our world. Yet when we choose
To look within,
it is possible to see the miracle that you love someone like me.
Teach us to love, Lord, as you have loved us that this world might be a better neighborhood in which to live and share.
Lord, teach us to be good neighbors, not just to those who live nearby but to everyone that we meet.
Teach us to look at others as if through your eyes,
Valuing every human
As one deemed worthy
Of a life lived free of exploitation.
Use us as your Church to be a voice
For those who are told the value of
Their life can be quantified, bought, and sold.
Create in us a holy anger that motivates
Change and envisions a world
Made more free for all in our lifetime.
All we are, and all we have,
We offer, Lord, to you.
We offer you these hands, that you might use them
We offer you these feet, that you might lead them
We offer you this voice that you might use it to speak up for those in need.
Be with us as we go from this place.

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