Know Your Story, Shape Your Future

Our stories, in all their beauty and heartache, shape and influence every dimension of our daily life and relationships. Knowing the impact of our story and finding God’s redemptive work within it is vital for emotional, relational, and spiritual formation and health.

Spiritual practices for the burnt, broken, curious or stuck

After years of “doing all the things” to have a relationship with Jesus, I found myself sifting through the ashes, wondering what was left of me. But I don’t want to stay on the sidelines, forever. I want to participate in the spiritual life, but not in the way that was ingrained in me. And so, I am going on a quest.

Men’s Softball: 2018 Season

Colorado Springs has a men’s competitive church softball league and Pulpit Rock has participated for over 10 years. We now begin a new year. And a new season of men’s softball. We are putting together one team (and hopefully two!) and we want you to join us.

Buffalo Joy

With God holding our hands, fear is no longer fear; it becomes wonder. When He is near, the everyday is no longer boring; it’s an adventure. Even in the darkness, it’s in knowing that God really is with us that the doors of our hearts are opened and we are filled with joy.

On Santa’s Economy and Advent

If Santa’s reputation can be trusted, I’m getting coal this Christmas. It’s as it should be. This year my prayer life has limped along, and my selfishness has run rampant. I’ve done very little to foster hope, peace, joy, or love. So when they’re offered to me, I end up looking around, pointing to my chest, like, “For me? Is this some kind of joke?

Be Thou My Vision

My suspicion is that we don’t see things in this world as clearly as we think we do. Maybe it isn’t the world around us that needs to change. Maybe it is our vision that needs to change.

The Freedom of Having a Plan

My wife Andrea and I are big … BIG … fans of Dave Ramsey. Why? Because within 2 years of following his steps we paid off $120,000 in debt! So when Pulpit Rock asked us to host the upcoming Financial Peace University we gladly said “Yes!”

Pursuing the Slow Fixes

Trying to teach teenagers about the Bible in a school setting has been my most difficult calling because the idea of Jesus as a friend is ironic. There’s a lack of loyalty and depth in friendships among our youth, so why would Jesus be any different?

How We Love Our Neighbors

At some point in the years between when I felt like a useless 16-year-old boy and the man I have become today, I started realizing that I was focused on a very narrow view of God’s desire for us to love one another. I was slowly realizing that I could use the gifts and abilities that God gave me to spread the love of Jesus.