Take the #PRCJoyChallenge

We invite you to take the #PRCJoyChallenge. For the next 40 days, snap a photo each day of something that brings you joy, post it to social media and tag it #PRCJoyChallenge.

Adult Swim

Our very first Adult Swim event was held a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful time for parents to talk and share and pray and encourage each other with community and resources.

Love Your Neighbor

Sometimes it is hard to apply the Bible to our everyday life. That’s why we’re excited about launching a new program that will make it easy to apply what Jesus describes as the second greatest commandment – loving your neighbor.

Outside These Walls

We are excited to share an incredible opportunity for our church body to flourish together by partnering with local Muslim families in welcoming new refugees to our city.

We Embrace the Y’all

We’re really big on small groups at Pulpit Rock. They are the ideal place to find community. To be known. To grow. To be cared for. To serve and be served. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about some new communities starting at Pulpit Rock!

Why We Don’t Have A College Program

We want Pulpit Rock to be a place where college students find it easy to connect, grow and serve. We desire to create even more opportunities for students to connect, find community and grow here within our existing church body.