This Week at Pulpit Rock

January 19, 2020

This Week...

The Book of Mark-1

In His Likeness: Glory
Mark 9:2-13
Thomas Thompson

Our life will take on Christ’s likeness ... even as his likeness changes.

Kids Ministry

This Week in The Grove

KNOWLEDGE: Learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do
Bottom Line: Discovering what’s in the Bible can help you make the wise choice.
Story: Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert - Luke 4:1-13 (Supporting: Matthew 4:1-11)

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This Week in Preschool

BEACH PARTY: There is no better friend than Jesus, and He wants to be our friend forever.
Bottom Line: Jesus can do anything.
Story: Feeding 5,000 - Mark 6:31-44


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All communion elements served are gluten free.


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