The Essentials

There is no doubt that as Christ followers, we deeply desire a life that is ever-growing in relationship with God. We long to be formed – actually, transformed – to be more and more like Jesus.

But desire and longing don’t automatically bring about the spiritual formation we are searching for. We are constantly being molded (for better or worse) and we often misunderstand or get off track in what we think it looks like to be shaped spiritually. We might not know where to start or may even believe spiritual formation is just a new term for the things we are already doing. Sometimes we end up frustrated that we never seem to make much progress in specific areas of our spiritual lives.

Spiritual formation is not a checklist of practices. It is not increased religious activity or learning more facts about the Bible. To grow more like Jesus, we have to always be seeking to be more available, more intentional and more willing and open - knowing that this process will be lifelong.

At Pulpit Rock we want to bring some focus to this collective desire and provide help to overcome some of the common ways we misunderstand or get off track in our spiritual formation. The Essentials can be a part of this path.

The Essentials is intentionally curated content around 6 foundational aspects of our formation. Each course provides engaging group discussion, opportunities for self-reflection and guidance for the process of spiritual formation. Key topics include:

Identity in Christ, Encountering God in Scripture, Finding Your Purpose in the Kingdom of God, Experiencing Victory Over Woundedness and Sin, Meaningful Relationships and Community and Learning to Prioritize Beliefs Well.

We invite you to engage in your spiritual formation by being a part of The Essentials and the opportunity to continue to grow more and more like Jesus.

The Courses