Our Ask A Moms Group Has Been Busy!

May 1, 2024 | Written by PRC Staff

The Ask Mom group has been busy this month!

During our regular visits at UCCS, we invited several students to a home-cooked meal. Each mom brought a contribution to our dinner, and we were so excited that three students could attend! We had wonderful conversations, and delicious food, and forged deeper relationships with students we usually only see briefly on campus.

Additionally, we were invited to ClydeCon on April 19th. (Clyde is the UCCS mascot) This event was a new one for The Moms. One of the big draws was a clothing exchange. Students could come in and donate clothing items and/or take home donated items. And there were lots of donated items.

Leah from the Wellness Center had asked the Moms if we would attend, along with needles, thread, and buttons to help in mending any items students might need. We loved the idea. We only ended up mending one torn jacket and offered to help with a jacket and gave some tailoring advice. But as usual, we had lots of interesting conversations.

We’ll finish up this school year by heading to campus twice to offer cookies, hugs, and encouragement in this last week before finals!

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