Cultivating Wholeness | Kindness Event

March 21, 2024 | Written by Janae Collins

Cultivate: To prepare the land for raising of crops

Wholeness: The state of being unbroken and undamaged

Cultivating wholeness began as a response to God renaming the word perfection in my story. For so long, I have (and still tend to) wanted to define wholeness as perfection, balance, success, approval. But wholeness is not something to achieve, it is something we already have. And yet, wholeness is also who we are called to become more of.

It’s both and.

We can hold the tension together, accepting our wholeness in Christ while accepting His invitation to cultivate or prepare the soil of our hearts for new roots.

These events are all named Cultivating Wholeness, yet they hold different themes. Unlike a series, you do not need to have gone previously to join us now. And on April 6th, we will be spending a morning together around the theme of kindness.

Kindness toward our minds, our bodies, and our souls. Kindness toward each other and receiving kindness from Jesus. We’ll have food and coffee and worship and prayer boards and I’m really looking forward to this time with you.

Our guest speaker is Faith Hoskins. She is a Neuroplasticity Specialist and Coach who loves women and the church.

Will you join us?

Register here.

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