Formation Table

The first week of every month we get to dive into some spiritual formation concepts together.

Spiritual formation is not about mastering a set of behaviors or disciplines. It isn’t about learning information or theology. It is not about having the right world view. It is about a relationship with Jesus.

And it is about helping us return to who we were created to be all along.

September Formation Table

September Formation Table

Episode 1: What's the Point of the Spiritual Life?

Jesus has the power to fill our empty life in the way that we’ve always been looking for. But there is so much in our world that will kill those longings within us, and steal our hope that we could ever truly flourish and experience full life.

With Formation Table, we want to rekindle the hope that God would form in us this full life.


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Catch up on episodes you've missed!

Catch up on episodes you've missed!

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