Formation Table

The first week of every month we get to dive into some spiritual formation concepts together.

Spiritual formation is not about mastering a set of behaviors or disciplines. It isn’t about learning information or theology. It is not about having the right world view. It is about a relationship with Jesus.

And it is about helping us return to who we were created to be all along.

October Formation Table

October Formation Table

Episode 2: The Foundation of Our Lives

Our identity in Christ is the foundation on which our entire spiritual life is built. What He says about us is the most important thing about us.

Our acceptance and worth are rooted in His grace and love. There is nothing we can do to earn it.



  • by Jordan Feliz

  • by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol & Bill Thrall

  • Sermon from Laura Parker

  • Ponder

    "‘You’re tending to my ordinary self,
    Daily making it something
    More exceptional, in love.
    May you learn to love your ordinary self – your today self –
    Celebrating both the image of God’s beauty in you right now, and
    Your exponential potential for greater shaping into love.’"

  • "We’re not waiting to be good; we’re made that way. Our very ordinary self – the self we sometimes get bored with, the self that carries all our faults – is the self that God lives in and fills today.
    Because He loves to.
    There is not a soul on earth not woven with deep and tender care. Every imperfection loved. Every cell a poem from the mouth of divine creativity.
    We’re not waiting for God to make us good – He’s waiting for us to see the ways in which we already are."

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