Partner Spotlight | Leku Keta

April 5, 2022

A construction update from our partners in Ethiopia!

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Partner Spotlight | George & Cathy Brown

March 29, 2022

George and Cathy share some updates on what’s happening in their life and ministry right now, as well as some updates from Ukraine.

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Partner Spotlight | Ama a tu prójimo

March 17, 2022

“When my passion for God, for others and for woodworking all come together, it makes my heart so happy.” Luke shares about the Love Your Neighbor trip to Mexico!

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Partner Spotlight | LFS Refugee Program

February 17, 2022

Sandi Swinford shares her experience as a volunteer with LFS housing donations and setting up new apartments for refugee families!

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Partner Spotlight | Kara Gowler

February 8, 2022

After over a year of teaching virtually, Kara is finally back in person with her students, and shares some exciting news!

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Partner Spotlight | Love Your Neighbor

January 25, 2022

Luke shares some really exciting things that happened with Love Your Neighbor in 2021, and takes us back to where it all began.

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Partner Spotlight | Zoran & Dada Radojević

January 18, 2022

Introducing our new partners… Zoran and Dada. Here’s a bit about them and how they got involved with Cru Serbia and Bikers for Christ!

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Partner Spotlight | The Salvation Army

December 27, 2021

We’ve been serving with the Salvation Army for over a decade. Are you interested in joining one of our Meal Teams?

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Freedom in Thailand

December 16, 2021

Jonathan shares about his recent trip to Thailand with the Exodus Road!

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Partner Spotlight | Carol Rugg

December 9, 2021

A behind the scenes glimpse of Carol’s role as a Sexual Health and Wholeness leader with the Navigators.

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