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April 12, 2022 | Written by The Exodus Road

For the last 5 years, our church has been partnering with The Exodus Road to free victims of human trafficking around the globe.

Through the 2021 Christmas Offering, we got to help fund the continued growth of their after-care program, “Beyond Rescue,” and complete the second half of a 2 year commitment to expand their investigations and rescue work in SE Asia, specifically into the Philippines.

Now, we are excited to announce The Exodus Road’s first rescue operation in the Philippines!

Read the full story here…

The Exodus Road’s First Rescue in the Philippines!

Church, thank you for giving towards this ongoing partnership. In addition to Christmas Offering gifts, you have given more than $300,000 to The Exodus Road over the years. 

You can continue to give towards the fight against Human Trafficking all year long through our designated giving accounts, where 100% of every dollar given will go directly to organizations like The Exodus Road. Learn more about our partners and ways to give here.

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