Kingdom Dirt

May 19, 2022 | Written by Rowland Smith

Wanna Hear Some Kingdom Dirt?

No, this isn’t the kind of “dirt” that many articles and tv shows rely on to draw an audience. Sorry for the tactic…

Often, we think of the Kingdom of God as something unseen, larger than any of our experiences, intangible but real in belief. What if the Kingdom was something you could touch, something you could see, something that engages all your senses?

Recently a group from our church community made that happen. By descending upon our partner school, Panorama Middle School, over two Saturdays, about 40 of our friends brought the Kingdom to life in some tangible ways!

Who would think that a shovel would be a tool for the Kingdom?

Who would guess a paint brush could display love and the gospel?

During these two Saturdays, one might think we simply did an outreach to beautify the school; planting new plants, spreading mulch, painting the crosswalks and entrance area of the school. What was really taking place was the innate presence of God and His Kingdom inside a group of Christ-followers, choosing to make the Kingdom tangible, to show some neighbors that we love them, the way Jesus asked us to.

At Pulpit Rock, Panorama is no stranger in our announcements about projects and service opportunities. But quickly, this school has become a friend to us, a city partner that helps us love kids in southeast Colorado Springs, a place we can exercise our gospel muscles in tangible ways.

To those that participated recently, and in the past, thank you! This is but one example of the places we can come together and bring out the dirt of the Kingdom, make it real, get our own hands dirty, and show love in a tangible way!

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