CityServe 2020

October 8, 2020 | Written by Haley and Asher Tuggle

On October 3rd, Pulpit Rock once again partnered with thousands around our city to love on Colorado in some tangible ways. Hundreds of churches, businesses, and organizations came together to do projects that better our community in the midst of trying times.

One of the specific projects Pulpit Rock partnered in was at Panorama Middle School.

“The CityServe  project at Panorama Middle School changed last minute to be an encouragement project instead of a painting project as originally planned.

Both of us were somewhat disappointed that the project had to shift like that, but we know that our disappointment doesn’t even begin to compare to what the teachers must feel.

Rowland had us meet at Restored Life Church in the southeast part of the city to make and write 115 cards of encouragement to the staff and teachers at Panorama Middle School as they face at least two more unexpected weeks of online school.

A number of families that we knew were signed up to help and it was so fun to see members of our adult small group, pastoral staff, elder board, kids ministry, and high school ministry show up to all work together.

For many of us it was a difficult shift from a painting project to an arts and crafts type of project.

It was fun to see how even people who would not claim card-making or card-writing as their strength dive into this project knowing it would be a blessing to others.

In many ways, it actually reminded us that service is not about what we want to do, but about the people that we are serving. This was a way that we could help.

At the end of the project we lined all the cards up and prayed over the teachers and staff who would be receiving them. Hopefully this will be an encouragement and blessing to them this week!

– Haley and Asher Tuggle

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