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October 20, 2016 | Written by PRC Staff

We’re deep in election season. Divisiveness and disagreement are running rampant. Sides are being taken, walls are being built, families are being divided. Social media is ripe with conflict. Even among the Body of Christ, unity is scarce.

That’s what makes what recently occurred in Colorado Springs so incredible.

More than 1,200 people.
Over 50 different projects.
More than 20 churches of all different denominations.

Coming together. Loving Christ together. Serving Colorado Springs together.

It’s called City Serve.

Amazing what unity can accomplish, isn’t it? Watch out, Colorado Springs … this is just the beginning! Because we are raising our kids to have hearts for serving others and a deep love for our city.

Speaking of the next generation, one of our high school students, Kennedy Garrett, wrote about a City Serve project she participated in with her family and their small group.
I’m a teenager. On a typical Saturday, you can usually find me sleeping in, catching up on homework, or watching football.

But recently I spent the morning at CityServe. This event had dozens of service projects all over Colorado Springs that churches could take part in together.

My family and members of our small group joined about 50 other people from churches around the city to help serve and appreciate First Responders of our community.

We first met at Friendship Baptist Church to pray and divide up into our service groups. From there, our group headed to several police substations to pass out goodies and show our support and gratitude.

We were able to pray over some of our community’s law enforcement. Lots of the officers talked with our group and seemed thankful and appreciative of our prayers and visit. It was cool to see such a diverse group of people come from all kinds of churches to serve together.

The service project didn’t take the entire day, but was still meaningful. It was super neat to go out and serve others, and know that throughout the city were many other groups involved in service projects just like us.

Written by Kennedy Garrett


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