What’s Going on with Our Church Partners in Ethiopia?

March 9, 2021 | Written by Our Partners in Ethiopia

For the last few years, we’ve gotten to partner with Leku Keta, a church in Ethiopia, to support women through the Economic Empowerment Program and to support children through Home Based Orphan Care – both are World Orphans programs.

The World Orphans Economic Empowerment Program partners with local churches in Ethiopia. It is a four-year micro loan program designed to help women break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for the next generation by teaching them to sustain themselves via their own businesses and thus preserve their families (preventing orphans).

We want to share the stories of two members of the World Orphans Economic Empowerment Program that we’ve been supporting…

Worke from Leku Keta Kale Heywet Church;

“My name is Worke Lea. I have one child of my own, Ribka Endale. In addition, I am fostering a child named Yohannes Aman. Both are in the HBC program. I am working in the local market to provide for my family. Before joining the program, I experienced hardship. When the program started to provide loans in addition to the monthly food basket and different support, I took four rounds of loans. Because the training taught me how to improve my life by saving, I will be able to live a good life after I graduate from the program. Thank you for helping me. And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to foster Yohannes.”

Teje from Leku Keta Kale Heywet Church;

“My name is Teje Tafa. I am a mother of two girls. It’s been more than five years since I join the HBC program. I took care of my children all alone for the last eight years. Before I joined the program, I worked on a construction site as a laborer and struggled a lot. My children used to miss their meals, and I was unable to pay their school fees. There were times when I didn’t even have labor work. But now my life has improved a lot. I have been working since I joined the loan program – I bake and sell injera for my community. I have also bought many household items like clothes, a bed, and a TV. Because my landlord is not willing to allow me to use firewood to bake injera, I am planning to sell charcoal as my business instead. It is my dream for my children to succeed in their education. Especially Meskerem, who is in the HBC – I want her to become a medical doctor.”

Teje’s Daughter;

“My name is Meskerem Berhanu. I am 13 years old and a grade 6 student. The project is buying me a lot of items, clothes and food. Since my mom took a loan, she has bought many things in our house like a new bed, cabinet, TV, and carpets. Because I’ve seen my mother work so hard, I have learned about hard work. I want to be a doctor and treat sick people.”

What else is happening with the church in Leku Keta?

“We are very grateful for the peace in our country. The conflict was a big fear but things are under control now. Praise the Lord for listening to our prayer.

New souls are added to the Kingdom though our ministry. Currently 15 new souls are attending a discipleship class to take water baptism.

All the regular worship services interrupted because of COVID have now resumed.

Two new souls have taken water baptism and joined us in taking Holy Communion.

This quarter we have done a good job in visiting, encouraging, praying, and helping our members home to home. A two day outreach evangelism has taken place in our community.

As you know, because of COVID, we have lost so many students from the church’s school. Currently, we have fewer students than we can accommodate. Please pray for the economy to improve and families to feel comfortable sending their kids back to school.

In the coming quarter, we plan on finalizing the small shop that we are building at the fence of the church to serve as a shop for the community, to ordain a pastor in the church we planted in the city of Holeta, to restart the regular worship in the Asgori chapel, to worship together with other churches in our area, and finally to do some green works by planting trees around the church and school.”

How can you be praying?

“Please continue to pray for COVID to be under control.

We are considering updating the church hall as it gets old and needing maintenance. Please pray for the Lord to provide for this need.

For the HBC children to grow physically and in wisdom, to be fruitful and grow in knowing Christ.

For our community to know Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.”

If you have any questions about Pulpit Rock’s partnership with World Orphans and Leku Keta, we’d love to talk with you!

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