An Update from Ethiopia

September 11, 2018 | Written by PRC Staff

Read the latest update from our partner church in Leku Keta, Ethiopia. They share about the medical team from Pulpit Rock that visited this summer and some of the ways God has been using their church in the community.

We are grateful about the peace and stability we are seeing in our country. For the state of emergency is lifted and people can do things freely. One of our biggest joy in this quarter is the graduation of many ministers from our church and other denominations from our church bible school. 16 people from our church graduated in degree in theology from Grace theological college and another 20 in diploma and 14 in certificate from Emmaus distance theological school. This is a great human power for the ministry in the church.

The other joy we have is the visit we have from our partners’ Pulpit Rock. Their ministry was a huge blessing for the church and the nearby community. People as far as from 25 km came to the medical check-up. It was a great ministry for the church and the community as a whole.

The state of emergency has affected our outreach ministry. Since gathering and public discussions was hindered, our evangelism ministry for the unbelievers in the community was blocked. The other big challenge we faced was a bible for the new believers in the church. now the political situation has improved it is a good opportunity to continue our ministry. In the coming quarter we will host a women conference for 3 days, encourage and give prizes for students that scored good in their school, a fathering blessing day for the youths to be blessed by the elders in the church and to keep on our outreach evangelism ministry.
Monthly school supplies has been given for all the caregivers like 15Kg teff flour, cooking oil, soap, hair oil and wheat flour. All the children are in school and healthy. All the children passed to the next grade. The speeches of out minister about love and forgiveness has influenced many children in the program and in the church too. They have presented a drama for the church about love and forgiveness. How one ethnic group can live with another with tolerance and Harmony. Besides, the children are very active in the church choir, drama team, they write poem and they even preach for their peers. This gives us hope there is a future generation in the church.

A free medical service has been given by the Pulpit Rock medical team for as much as 350 people including all the children and their parents in the program. People with eye problem got glasses, eye drops and even sent to referral hospitals as needed. People with tooth problem have been relieved of their severe pain. The children in the program got a tooth brush and soap. The GP doctors checked all the people if they have a chronic sickness. When their condition is treatable, they provided medicines almost for everyone.

The caregivers took another round of training for the loan program. Now there are first, second and third round of loan program beneficiaries in our church. There are 13 caregivers in this program the others are seeing the changes in the lives of the loan takers. The rest of the caregivers are encouraged to join this empowerment program.
 For us to be able to open more church where the gospel is not preached yet
 For a holistic growth of the children
 To reach out the community with the gospel, for the fruitfulness of the members in the church

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