We Left Our Heart in Ethiopia

August 30, 2016 | Written by PRC Staff

Becca Shorey shares some Pulpit Rock love with Ethiopia. (Photo credit: Matthew Hanks)

We have shared with you before about our sister church in Ethiopia, the Leku Keta Kale Heywet church. This past June a group from Pulpit Rock went to visit and spent time investing in this beautiful, ocean-spanning relationship God is building.

Recently World Orphans wrote about the trip and our growing relationship on their blog…


Every friendship–well, every good friendship–has that initial defining moment when the relationship moves from casual pleasantries to honest, authentic friendship. Sometimes it’s in the moments of pure, belly-aching, uninhibited laughter. Sometimes it’s the late-night “he’s in the hospital” phone call when your friend drops everything to sit with you. Sometimes it’s the event or situation that you were unexpectedly invited into and asked to partake in. Whatever “it” is, it changes the relationship. It’s richer. It’s deeper. It means something more…

The partnership [between Pulpit Rock and Leku Keta] is young, and the language barrier is a struggle, yet the beauty of friendship is quickly being realized.
(Read the whole post.)

We are honored and humbled that God has chosen us to be a part what he is doing at Leku Keta. And we are equally excited to see what he has for us to learn from our sister in Ethiopia.


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