Responding to Teen Suicide

April 10, 2019 | Written by Kyle Collins

As our city has been devastated the last several years by teen suicide, we have been asking what our response should look like as a church.

We have made investments in organizations like Education for a Lifetime, hosted Adult Swim events with conversations around suicide prevention and been part of some larger conversations happening in our city.

One exciting way we have been able to respond is by partnering this last year with Mayfield Counseling Centers. Out of the overage of last years Christmas Offering we were able to give $2,200 to help provide counseling scholarships for individuals and families in our city so they can receive the help they need.

We recently received this letter sharing some of the impact you have made and wanted to share it with you:

First, I want to thank you for your contribution to Mayfield Counseling Centers in 2018. Your generosity allowed us to provide support and walk alongside our community to help restore relationships, change lives and discover hope.

MCC has had the privilege of growing in our mission. We have seen a 45% increase in counseling sessions from 2017 and a 275% increase from 2016. We are projected to provide over 15,000 session in 2019

Because of your giving in 2018, MCC was able to provide:

  • 11,169 counseling sessions
  • 3,000 of those sessions were at a free or discounted rate 
  • valuable blogs, resources, videos, and podcasts that are readily available and provide tremendous value to the community.
  • scholarship sessions and a financial give back of $270,000
  • Mayfield Counseling Centers also partnered with New Life Church to provide the Springs Mental Health Summit with the goal of providing mental wellness education to our community. We had 425 people register and attend. This was a 287% increase from the Springs Mental Health Summit in 2017.

It is our hope in 2019 that Mayfield Counseling Centers will continue to fill the gap in our community for accessible and quality mental health services. We will continue to provide resources to our community that will support the fight against the suicide epidemic by continuing mental wellness education through our parent talks, community forums, and the “Who Can Relate” school curriculum. We also desire to continue to give back 30% of our services to the community which supports our mission of restoration, change, and discovery.

Again, we thank you for the encouragement and financial support that you have shown to us at MCC!

Thank you for giving to Pulpit Rock and allowing us to invest in kingdom work in our city!

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