Let’s pray for our city’s children.

March 23, 2017 | Written by Lindsay Yochum

It seems every day when I wake up I check Facebook to see if there has been more horrible news in our city … news of another child who has lost hope and ended their life.

ben-white-194220What an awful thing to think each morning.
It seems twisted and icky, doesn’t it?

But that has become the reality of the unprecedented suicides over the last several years and especially in the last few months in Colorado Springs. It’s not an elaborate story someone has concocted, it’s a fact. A real fact.

When something is real and I have no control over fixing it, I feel helpless and hopeless. Then this week I remembered something impactful that was recently triggered in my soul through amazing women in my life.

What if God is real? If God is real, then why am I not giving him this situation fully and completely without hesitation instead of thinking there is not hope of fixing it?

As the song says, “When did I forget that He’ll always be the King of the World?”

God IS real. And this can be put into His hands. I am made strong when I fully trust in the power of my prayers.

So I made a choice. My choice is this…that every morning when I wake up I will not check in on the world to see the horribleness that has occurred. I’m not pretending it’s not happening, I’m just choosing to refocus my mind.

Instead, I will pray. I will pray for the families that have been so cruelly affected by this evil and I will pray fervently and unceasingly for those children who are so deep in the pit of their souls with fear and hopelessness that they will see their value as a child of God.

I’m using a list of all the schools in Colorado Springs that I put together to read each day along with my prayer over every child in this city to know that there is nothing NOTHING in this world that can take away who they are in Christ.

Would you join me in this prayer over our city’s children?

It may not be complete, you may want to add something I missed or create your own list. But it’s a place I’m starting and I won’t give up on my real prayer to my real God and the truth that he can intervene in our city with all his might.

***You are invited to an upcoming Family Ministry Parent Night | Suicide Prevention & Conversations on April 23 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm as we candidly discuss suicide in our community and ways we can work at being responsive and proactive.  We recognize that we don’t have the answers to solve the problem, but we do feel the importance of providing resources and ideas that may help us as we navigate parenting our children.  We strongly encourage you to clear your calendar and make room for this important conversation. Questions? Please contact Molly


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