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November 19, 2020 | Written by Rowland Smith

If you’ve been watching livestreams of the services, reading blogs, or seeing emails, then you’ve probably heard the name “Pando” at some point over the last three months. Now, you’re seeing that The Pando Collective is a part of our Christmas Offering this year.

So what is The Pando Collective and what does it have to do with our church?

The word Pando is Latin for “I spread out.”

The largest living organism in the world is an aspen tree colony in Utah name Pando – The Trembling Giant.

Aspen tree groves spread out and produce new growth all the time from the same root system shared by the grove. This is the perfect metaphor of mission and Christian faith reaching out into our city and culture.

We want to help produce new growth, new Kingdom expressions, all sharing a common root system.

The Pando Collective is a missional hub, an incubator, of new Kingdom expressions of house churches, missional businesses, and ministry outreaches into the places where our city needs a glimpse of God’s Kingdom. It will exist to intentionally help resource, train, and support these various kingdom efforts, but also to keep them knit together and networked like an aspen grove, all sharing a common faith root system.

At Pulpit Rock, we are all about active faith lived out into our world. This will be one way our church community activates and partners with others to bring Christ to our city!

Our first large resourcing from the Christmas Offering funds will be in partnership with Weigh Out Ministries.

Chauncey LaBrie is a name that is known around southeast Colorado Springs. He has spent years developing relationships with at-risk youth in the schools of southeast COS.

His big need is to now have a space that Weigh Out can call home, along with the kids he serves. We want to partner with Chauncey and Weigh Out to see this dream become a reality this spring.

Whether a house in a neighborhood or a storefront close to the neighborhoods he works in, we want to help bring these kids a place to hang out, be loved on, be tutored and trained, to be known, seen, and loved!

We were able to sit down with Chauncey to talk about what our efforts with Weigh Out Ministries through The Pando Collective can do for the kids of southeast Colorado Springs in this year’s Christmas Offering:

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