Thank you for partnering with us in the 2021 Christmas Offering!

Near the end of 2020, we walked through the Letter of James together. After learning what it means to be doers who act, we decided to call the 2020 Christmas Offering Mercy.

Mercy is about acting. It’s about using what God has given us to relieve suffering and choose compassion and kindness over judgment.

But we didn't want to leave this mindset in 2020, we wanted to carry it with us into 2021. And we want to continue to carry that mindset into this new year, because we will always have opportunities to put our faith into action, to partner together in God’s Kingdom work, and to show His mercy to those around us.

Church, you gave a total of $208,131 to the 2021 Christmas Offering!! (That's the highest amount we have ever raised in a Christmas Offering!)

30% of that will go towards healthcare and development for marginalized women, 30% to rescue and care for victims of human trafficking, and 40% to relief and support for local and international refugees.

Tirzah International

This year, Pulpit Rock is partnering with Tirzah for a special project in Hyderabad, India. Tirzah partners with local female leaders to create opportunities for women to discover their God-given potential and combat injustice through microenterprise, leadership development, and local sustainability.

In the informal settlements of Hyderabad, Dr. Lavanya has been meeting the holistic medical needs of women affected by leprosy and HIV/AIDS. As that work has expanded into skills training for HIV-impacted women, she is launching a fully equipped women’s empowerment center to serve the most marginalized women in Hyderabad, intent on moving more families than ever from barely surviving to thriving!

By creating opportunities through microenterprise training, expert design initiatives, access to a global market, and leadership development, Tirzah International is investing in each woman’s specific dreams, gifts, and talents so she can identify herself as a leader and a change-maker, transforming her family and community. This safe space for counseling, growth, and proven skills-training will equip Indian women to start and launch their businesses, ensure their children (especially girls) are in school and safe, and provide consistent care for their holistic needs.

This sustainable investment and work prevents trafficking, disease, forced early marriages, overcomes poverty, and values each woman’s God-given potential.

The Exodus Road

For the last 5 years, our church has been partnering with the Exodus Road to free victims of human trafficking around the globe. Gifts to this year's Christmas Offering will help us complete the second half of a 2 year commitment to expand their investigations and rescue work in SE Asia, specifically into the Philippines.

In addition to that investigative work, we are excited to see the launch and help fund the continued growth of their after-care program “Beyond Rescue”. This after care program is unique as it is aimed at young women and men who are over 18 and want to leave the sex industry but have few ways to do so. Beyond Rescue provides them with practical care and resources as well as temporary shelter and job training.

Lutheran Family Services Refugee Program

We are partnering with Lutheran Family Services Refugee Program here in Colorado Springs. Primarily focusing on helping with Refugee Resettlement, Pulpit Rock will be offering financial aid and mentorship opportunities to refugees including incoming Afghan refugees that are resettling in our community in the coming months.

Your gift will provide vital financial assistance for basic needs in beginning a new life here, and will be curated through mentor relationships between Cultural Mentor teams of families and individuals that will walk in relationship with refugees for 4-6 months.

1,000 Lighthouses & Tyre Church

Our partners in Lebanon, 1,000 Lighthouses and Tyre Church, are in the middle of a nationwide food shortage as a result of the Lebanese revolution, port explosion in Beirut and the COVID-19 global pandemic.

They currently serve meals out of their kitchen every day to more than 200 people and make weekly deliveries of food to refugee settlements near their church.

As this increased demand for food continues to grow, 1,000 Lighthouses and Tyre Church have recently acquired space they will convert into a food warehouse. This year’s offering will help fund the buildout of that warehouse to allow for refrigeration and proper storage of food from their farms so they can continue to expand their ministry to help meet this basic need for their neighbors.