A Weekend of Refuge

September 3, 2019 | Written by Janae Collins

Refuge: a condition of being safe or sheltered.

I’m catching my breath a little (or a lot) as we went from zero to sixty stepping into a new school year. I know rhythm will come and I will try to wait patiently while it clumsily falls into place. More so than ever though, this season of my life is asking most everything of me. Balancing two jobs and two tiny kids while being an introvert and a homebody is quite an interesting blend.

I’m exhausted. I’m asking the Lord how to recover each day. The difficult part of this, however, is that recovering takes discipline. It means sitting down in the middle of the mess and chaos to rest while my kids are sleeping. It means choosing a book that breathes life into me instead of watching another episode of something. It means checking in with myself every day and listening to my body and my heart’s needs.

One of my favorite ways to recover and experience God is in the mountains while the leaves change. The crisp air, the yellow everywhere, and the warm drinks that perfectly pair with it all make me breathe a little easier. And so, I want to get away with you into the mountains. I want to connect with friends and find shelter from our daily demands along with you.

What is Happening?

A Weekend of Refuge 
And although all the plans and details are continuing to be sorted out, we do know our goals:

  1. Find refuge in Jesus.
  2. Connect with each other in new and deeper ways.
  3. Escape the busy and chaotic to slow down for a few days.

When and Where?

November 1st-3rd at Sky Ranch Horn Creek in Westcliffe, CO

How Much Does It Cost?

For two nights in the lodge and five meals, the cost is $145. We are asking for a $50 deposit with registration.

Can I Bring My Kids?

We have prayed and processed with each other and we know that we are not able to please everyone here. In no way do we want to exclude anyone, but we also want to create a true environment of rest and refuge. This event WILL come around again next year and there will be more opportunities to connect.

With that said, we are not going to have babies or children join us. We will be staying in a lodge altogether and want to create the best sleeping and lounging environment for women.

Dietary Concerns?

We will try our best to accommodate all of your dietary needs. We will work through this later in September. Don’t let this hold you back, we got you!

Why Should You Come?

  • Conversations in the lodge surrounded by beautiful Fall views.
  • Activities like hiking and horse-back riding and beach volleyball.
  • Bonfires, worship, and growth with our Jesus.
  • A 24-hr coffee/tea/cereal bar (I thought I’d include that because I’ll be there a lot)

The Lord is inviting us into a beautiful weekend this Fall. I hope you can join us!

If you have any other questions, please contact me at jcollins@pulpitrock.com and I am happy to talk to you.

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