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Christmas Offering | The Exodus Road

November 26, 2018

The Exodus Road is an organization with a similar heartbeat to ours. They have been invited to partner with one of the most effective and aggressive counter-human-trafficking teams in our country. We want to help make that happen.

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The Exodus Road

November 26, 2017

Matt Parker, founder of The Exodus Road, shares his story.

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You helped Exodus Road build a Cyber Operations Center.

October 3, 2018

Remember last year when we told you about an organization called Exodus Road? You might remember that a part of last year’s Christmas offering went to finance a new Cyber Operations Center. Well we wanted to share a quick update from Exodus Road on how they’re using our money.

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The Gift of Rescue

May 4, 2020

$30,000. That’s how much we chose to give to The Exodus Road from this past year’s Christmas Offering. We thought it was a good gift to help fund the fight against human trafficking in Latin America. Little did we know just how much that $30,000 would be needed this year.

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Welcome to Hell

November 9, 2017

When I first heard we were going ‘undercover’ with the Exodus Road I had visions of grandeur. I saw myself as Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis, wearing a ‘Murica’ t-shirt and kicking some serious butt. But instead of being a hero, I just sat with them like Jesus would and shared communion with prostitutes and pimps.

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We asked. You gave. What a venture!

January 16, 2019

Last year we set out on a daring and risky undertaking. The goal for our 2018 Christmas Offering, Venture, was our largest offering goal by a long shot. And true to form, you jumped in with both feet and blew us away with your generosity. Thank you for your hearts, your trust and your faithfulness.

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Freedom for Fawn

November 30, 2018

In which Jonathan shares about a night in a Thai club and an encounter with a young girl named Fawn where he came face to face with his deep longing for the Kingdom of God, where the full gospel is realized.

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1,000 Survivors

October 31, 2018

At Pulpit Rock, we believe that one of the most effective ways to change the world is to partner with organizations that are uniquely equipped to help in ways or places we cannot. So we look for organizations we can support in bringing hope, healing and restoration to our broken and hurting world.

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Jonathan Cleveland

October 15, 2018

What do you do at Pulpit Rock? I steer and oversee the direction of our congregation. That means I collaborate with our elders and staff to listen to God and step into everything he says for our community of faith. What did you do before you joined our staff? I’ve been at Pulpit Rock (in … Read more

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This is Brokenness

October 19, 2017

About a week ago, I was sitting in a brothel in Southeast Asia with a young girl. She was shivering with cold. And I put my arm round her hoping it would make her a little warmer. And hoping that maybe she would experience a moment of comforting touch that seeks to give life in her world of the constant groping touch of men who seek to take something from her.

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