Partner Update from Exodus Road

July 3, 2024 | Written by Exodus Road

The support of Pulpit Rock Church, and the first six months of Aftercare have had an incredible impact.

At the end of 2023, The Exodus Road’s Freedom Home aftercare shelter expanded to a second location. Our staff on the ground walk with survivors as they journey out of exploitation, providing safe housing, trauma-informed therapy, medical care, life-skills classes, vocational training, and community internships. Through the Christmas offering in 2023, Pulpit Rock Church helped fund these critical services for survivors entering into their healing journey at Freedom Home.


ABOVE: Director of DSW speaking at Freedom Home registration celebration.

Freedom Home has been able to double its capacity since the end of 2023, adding a second home and an additional 10 beds. In honor of the program’s excellent standard of care and diligent administration, the Department of Social Welfare awarded Freedom Home an official registration as a certified aftercare provider and shelter. The Exodus Road is the first organization to receive this certification in Chonburi/Pattaya in over 10 years and many officials attended our ribbon-cutting celebration in February.

As a result of this registration, the government has requested Freedom Homeplace 7 minor girls aged 12-17 (1 of which has since returned home) who had particularly urgent needs for high levels of care. What began as a short-term placement has become a longer-term opportunity as our social work team has assessed each girl’s case and determined their need for longer-term healing and support.

Thankfully, the addition of a second home has enabled an age-appropriate level of care for these young women in a safe environment while still allowing us to serve adult survivors as originally intended.


Additional highlights from the past 6 months include serving 171 survivors plus 9 family members in Thailand in the following ways:

  • Supporting 36 total survivors with post-intervention and/or ongoing aftercare support, 16 of whom have entered our residential care program through Freedom Home.
  • Providing medical assistance to 30 survivors
  • Offering legal support to 23 survivors
  • Funding vocational training for 7 adult survivors and celebrating 3 who have successfully acquired an internship or job placement!
  • Supporting the educational and developmental needs of 7 minor survivors
  • Providing 94 cumulative counseling sessions to 36 survivors
  • Equipping 16 survivors with life skills such as budgeting, saving, cooking, reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation, future thinking, and coping skills
  • Offering 135 survivors training in sexual and reproductive health and trauma coping skills at a partnered government shelter