Who do our daughters look up to?

May 2, 2019 | Written by Becky Giovagnoni

One of the things I think about often as a mom is who my kids are looking up to.

My kids are seven and eight. They are at the age where they are extremely susceptible to influences surrounding them.

Classmates at school, other kids on their sports teams, their babysitters, what they hear on podcasts, music lyrics, movies they watch, commercials they see during family viewing of American Ninja Warrior, what they observe in public places like the grocery store or library … everything.

They are sponges.

But the thing that seems to speak the loudest is what they observe in kids a few years older than them.

And that is what makes what I’m about to share so significant.

Our Pulpit Rock students recently put on an event specifically designed to speak truth and life into the lives of our daughters.

In fact, not only did our students put on this event entirely on their own … the original idea was theirs to begin with! They thought this whole thing up.

So without further ado, PRiSM proudly presents:

Pulpit Rock’s fifth annual Princess Party

[What I want you to observe when you see these photos is what our little girls are seeing from older boys and girls serving them…]

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