The Gift of White Lab Coats

January 28, 2020 | Written by Kyle Collins

We shared before about the trip Kyle Collins took last fall to Ethiopia. He traveled with a couple eye doctors who conducted an eye clinic at our partner church, Leku Keta. We wanted to share a bit more from that trip, along with a few photos.

One of the joys of this trip was getting to see the updates to the school and meet some of the kids from the Home Based Care program. Pulpit Rock now sponsors 32 children! We just added two last summer when we heard a story about two small children that were left and abandoned with their landlady. The landlady came to the church looking for help and through a series of events agreed to become the caregivers for these two children.

Many of these children are part of the school that is deeply connected to the church in Leku Keta and the director of the school is Bifa.

Have you ever seen a smile so bright? (Also check out the shirt.)

Before coming we asked if Bifa needed anything for the school and he asked us to please bring some lab coats, at first it seemed like a strange request but the teachers in the school use these as uniforms. The old uniforms were shredded and yellowed from playing with the kids in the rain and mud and the teachers were elated when Bifa handed each of them a brand new and bright white one to wear.

Bifa also asked if we could bring a first aid kit and give some training to the teachers, so Michael gave some basic first aid training about caring for wounds and what to do in an emergency. The teachers asked questions about some of the common injuries they see with the kids at the school and Michael walked through how to care for each with things they had and explained what each piece of the first aid kit was used for.

It was a beautiful time encouraging the church, watching the church use eye clinics to build relationships and minister to the community and visit the kids we sponsor at the school.

Thank you for your faithful support of Pulpit Rock which allows us to support incredible work around the world like our church partners in Ethiopia!

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