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November 28, 2016 | Written by

We first told you about this back in June. Recently Caitlin Garrett had a chance to see it in action.

Nothing says ‘Mom’ like cookies and hugs.

This past week I got to see our Pulpit Rock Ask a Moms in action at UCCS. These ladies visit the campus about twice a month to hand out snacks, love, and mom advice to any student that is interested.

It was fascinating to see students walk by the table and be offered a cookie. Some students are a bit wary at first – wondering what the catch is. When they hear that the moms are just there to be an encouraging presence on campus, they are surprised and pleased to have a dose of home right there on campus.

Word of the “Moms” is getting around at UCCS.

Many students are regular visitors to the Moms – I loved seeing these students rush up for a hug and to give an update on what’s been happening in their lives over the previous weeks. One first year student walked by and stopped dead in his tracks and said “I’ve heard about you moms.” He then told us that when he was discussing college choices with a friend that was a UCCS student, he was told about the moms that hand out cookies and he was sold. He was thrilled to finally meet them.

Over the course of the two hours we were there, the Moms were able to hear from a student about to take a big test, many students reeling after the election results, a girl that would love prayer for an upcoming surgery, and so many more.

It was such a blessing to share the morning with these ladies who are loving our neighbors right across the street.

Written by Caitlin Garrett

They’ll be back at UCCS Wednesday, December 7 from 11am to 1pm.
The Ask a Moms would love to welcome new members to their group. Contact them for more info.
You can also follow them on Facebook.



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  1. Love this so much!!! I work with Cru and have heard of moms doing this in other parts of the country. What a great way to communicate love, build relationships, and invest in the next generation.


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