Why We Don’t Have A College Program

December 13, 2016 | Written by

Pulpit Rock might not have a college program, but we definitely do college ministry.

Last December we decided to end Ecclesia, our Tuesday Night College Program.

This decision was something we felt the Lord leading us to as a church. We have an enormous heart for college aged students and feel like the university that sits across the street is more than just a strategic opportunity for us as a church.

It’s a calling.

Our Calling

We believe our location is not an accident. We are confident that God has placed us where we are, at this moment in time, as the university continues to grow, for a specific purpose.

What does that look like for us?

Typically in a church, when a need arises, the solution is to simply start a new program. Is it possible that sometimes this hurts more than it helps?

The Bubble

Young people in their 20’s are some of the most absent from church, because we have taught them how to be part of church their whole lives by putting them in a bubble of only their peers. And suddenly that bubble has burst. What happens when college is over? You’re 20-something and no longer a part of a college program. So what happens? The only thing to do is wait to get married so you can join the Young Marrieds program.

College students, we want to help you journey with God while you’re in college in a way that translates easily into your 20’s and the rest of your life. This means building multi-generational relationships – being a part of a church that goes way beyond a group of peers. Its being a part of church where you invest your time and energy in serving youth, caring for children, serving at our coffee cart or helping on worship team. One where you join a small group with people who are single, married, young parents and retired empty-nesters.

Our College Ministry

Pulpit Rock doesn’t have a college program, but we do have a college ministry. We aim to make every aspect of our church – from the coffee in Gathering Place, to the songs that we sing on Sunday morning, to the casual seating around pub tables in the balcony – welcoming to college students.

Students, we want you to connect and feel comfortable here, we want you to worship here, to serve here.

We have a group of Pulpit Rock moms that are on campus at UCCS regularly connecting with students and handing out hugs and cookies.

We have some ideas for new groups that we are launching soon and are looking for new bridges to connect with students on campus at UCCS.

There are many excellent college programs throughout the city on any night of the week. Christian Challenge, YoungLife College, Navigators, Campus Crusade, The Mill, plus a bunch of other para-church ministries on campus at UCCS and other churches in town with college programs.

What we want is for Pulpit Rock to be the complete Body of Christ, which includes college students.

Connect, Grow, Serve

We want Pulpit Rock to be a place where college students find it easy to connect, grow and serve. We desire to create even more opportunities for students to connect, find community and grow here within our existing church body.

We don’t have a college program, because Pulpit Rock wants to BE a church for college students – not create a separate one.

Are you a college student who’s looking to connect at Pulpit Rock? We have some new groups starting in January and many places to serve. We’d love to help you get connected. Contact Caitlin.


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2 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Have A College Program”

  1. To share very quickly one thing my husband and I know for sure this church has knocked out of the ballpark and that is your youth department!!! WOW!!!! Thank you, thank you for this!! Our daughter needed this, needed “Ya’ll” so desperately you have no idea…thank you from our hearts!!!

    • Lori, thanks for your kind words. We’re really proud of our student ministry and so it’s great to know it’s making a difference in your daughter’s life.


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