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May 11, 2016 | Written by

Change and transition, says the Preacher, mist and puzzle!
All of life is temporary.
Ecclesiastes 1:2 (Thomas Thompson International Version)

Like so many of you, I’ve really enjoyed the sermon series in Ecclesiastes. As we’ve walked through the book, I haven’t always gotten the answers I was looking for, but God has given a lot of peace about the questions.

One of the first questions we considered was: why is there so much change and transition in life? True to form, Grandpa Solomon doesn’t answer the question we ask, he answers the question we SHOULD have asked. He tells us: Because life is temporary and change is constant we need to fix our eyes above the sun. Enjoyment and satisfaction are always a gift from God.


We have just come through a season of major staff transition these last 13 months. On top of that, we experienced “Floodpocalypse 2015” in our auditorium. I have been feeling these words very deeply “change and transition … all life is temporary.” But Grandpa Solomon was right – despite all of this transition this season has been full of joy and satisfaction, and we have received so much from God. I love where we are as a church! And I see that God has been so tremendously gracious in the midst of all of these transitions.

I love our staff team! God has given us some amazing people at Pulpit Rock. I wanted to highlight just a few of those people and how they have transitioned so that you can be in the know.

Kyle_crop_smallKyle Collins

Our Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries. He has shown great wisdom, and a great ability to shepherd people and strategize about ministry. He oversees all of our adult ministry and the staff that serve in that area. That includes things like: Small Groups, Missions, Local Outreach, Communication and our Sunday Morning Experience.


Caitlin_cropCaitlin Garrett

For the last decade Caitlin has directed our AWANA program. This summer she will become our Groups Director for Adults. She is a gifted leader, who excels at caring for leaders. I’m thrilled that she will be stepping into this new role.


Kristina Wrobleski

Just hired to replace Caitlin as our AWANA Director. She loves the families of our church and I’ve been impressed with how she has already begun to step into leadership here.


Suzy2_cropSuzy Bates

Our Associate Pastor of Student Ministries. She was shepherding our Middle School group, but with Nick’s departure, she has stepped in to lead our High School group too. She has an incredible heart for teens and their parents. And has already started building on the foundation we have in both groups.

Student Ministry Summer Team

Suzy has recruited a team of four staff to lead the summer program for students this year. We are excited about each one – Mark Windle, Janae Collins, Jarrett McDonald and Hannah Beebe.






Family Pastor

We are one month into the process of hiring for this position. We have a shortlist of excellent candidates and we will begin phone interviews with them this week. I hope to have more to report by the end of the month.

This summer we are going to launch a new monthly email newsletter that will allow us to communicate about things like this a little better. Part of that newsletter will highlight individual staff members. We have an amazing staff team! They are talented, wise, humble, and really funny. I’m excited for us all to get to know them a little better. Until then, please let me know if you have any questions.

Written by Jonathan Cleveland


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