A re-roofing project turned building renovation.

The purpose of this page is to keep you updated with everything you want to know about the building renovation.
Check back regularly – especially the Happening Now section – because we will be updating it as the project progresses.

So what happened?

In October 2015 we started what we thought would simply be a roof replacement. That same week, Colorado received several days of heavy rain. Our torn up roof started leaking. A LOT. Water poured in and almost every room had extensive water damage. So after thanking God we have two buildings, we moved services to our second building until we can fix things.

Here are the latest photos of the auditorium. We’ll keep updating these as things happen.


What’s the latest?

  • We have landed on a design for the auditorium with the architectural firm. We are confident that we are creating a space that feels like home to our congregation. We are creating a warm, relaxed, inviting atmosphere that allows everyone to worship however they feel comfortable. We are printing posters of the design plans and are excited to share them with you on Sunday, March 20! Update!
  • There are several updates needed to bring our auditorium up to code. These include updating electrical work. We are meeting with an electrician to help us understand the complete process for bringing our auditorium up to code.
  • We have chosen Merritt Construction as our general contractor! We are confident they can offer a great finished product and will also be able to communicate well throughout the entire project.
  • We are very happy with Merritt Construction. Our recent meetings with them confirmed that we made the right choice for contractor on this job. Update!
  • We are looking at May 1st for the construction start date! Update!
  • The good news is we are about 50% through the overall project timeline from the day of THE FLOOD to the day we are back in the auditorium. You all have been very patient and gracious throughout the process and we could not be more grateful! Update!

Is the roof complete?

There is a lot of progress being made on the roof and a second crew this week should speed things up considerably. Weather permitting, we expect about 10 more working days for the roof to be finished! The roofing company is working diligently to get the roof completed as soon as possible.

Is the building safe?

Yes. On October 13, 2015 we had a structural engineer come out and analyze our roof. We wanted to ensure that the original roofer’s mistakes didn’t compromise the structural integrity of the building. After a thorough analysis, the engineer said that the building was sound and we could proceed with the re-roofing project.

What is the building made of?

The building is very solid and all of our contractors have been taking proper precautions to ensure everyone in the building is safe.
The main walls are concrete.
The roof is a Twin-T concrete system.

What are you doing to ensure school security during construction?

Safety of everyone in the building is our top concern. We want this project to move quickly, but we will not sacrifice safety to make the project move any faster. All contractors are aware that TMS students and staff are in the building daily. We are requiring all contractors get a temporary parking permit issued through the church staff office so we know which vehicles belong in the parking lot.[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”FAQ”]

A few quick statistics about Pulpit Rock’s building:

  • Originally built: 1977
  • Renovations: 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2009, 2011
  • Total square feet: 58,969
  • Student Center built: 2003

What happened?

In October 2015 we started what we thought would be a simple roof replacement. That same week, we received several days of heavy rain. Our torn up roof started leaking and didn’t stop. Water poured in and almost every room had extensive water damage. So after thanking God we have two buildings, we moved services to our second building.

What was the extent of the damage?

Due to the extensive water damage, the auditorium was considered a complete loss. Everything had to be removed and we are starting from scratch. The auditorium has been stripped down to the cement.

Why is it taking so long?

We can either fix things quickly or fix things well, but not both. We’ve chosen to invest some extra time and planning and do a full renovation rather than rush to fix things just to get back into our building. We want to do it right. Although we did not plan on renovating our building this year, instead of seeing the flooding as a burden, we see it as an opportunity to address some building issues we weren’t even aware of. Through the demolition process, we found several things that, because our building is almost 40 years old, did not meet code requirements. We are also taking the opportunity to update our building to better fit our needs and more accurately reflect who we are as a church. Pulpit Rock Church today is not the same church it was in 1977 when this building was built.

What things need to be fixed to meet code requirements?

Our electrical system was completely outdated and although it had been maintained, many of the “fixes” were not done in the best way. We also are replacing our wooden studs with metal, which is non-combustible.

What is the insurance covering?

Our insurance covered the roof replacement at 100%. The insurance will pay to put us back in the exact same position we were in before the flood. But because we are taking the opportunity to upgrade our building, the cost will exceed what our insurance payment.

How much will the renovation cost?

While we don’t have a specific number for you, we can tell you that since we are doing a total renovation, it’s not a little number. We do, however, have money from our insurance claim, money in capital reserves and the money from the Christmas Offering excess. Because of the regular generous giving of our Pulpit Rock family (thank you!), and the wise leadership and careful stewardship of our finances over the last few years, it is our hope that we will be able to fund the renovation completely out of these funds.

What should we know about the new auditorium design?

Recognizing that everybody worships differently, we want to create a space that will allow people to experience the same worship in different ways.

  • Counter seating in the back for people to take notes
  • Family seating in the balcony for families to worship together
  • Cry rooms for families to continue worship while caring for their babies
  • Screens for better and more easily seen visuals and words

We also want to carry over the sense of intimacy we have experienced in the student center by lowering the stage and bringing the seating closer to the front. Our hope is that this can be a warm and welcoming place for weekly corporate worship as a church family, but also is functional for weddings, funerals, special events, and community meetings. (Please note: the colors and textures in the renderings are subject to change.)


September 28 | Started the re-roofing project.
October 2 | Heavy rains caused extensive flooding and water damage to entire building.
October 4 | Moved services to the west building.
October 26 | Began re-re-roofing project.
December 4 | Finish water and damage mitigation
December 31 | Auditorium demolition complete
January 2016 | Entire roof complete
March 2016 | Rebuild plans finalized / share plans for renovation
June 2016* | Auditorium renovation begins

*Please keep in mind that as with any major renovation project, there are always unexpected adjustments that need to be made. These are estimated dates and are subject to change.

We ask for our entire church body to cover us in prayer throughout this process.

For those working on our building:

That they would use the gifts God has given them to produce high quality work.
For their safety.
Wisdom for all those involved in making decisions about the renovation.

For those displaced:

Pulpit Rock Church

  • Student Ministries
  • Children’s Ministries (K-3rd grade)
  • Young Children’s Ministries (nursery/preschool)

This will be a part of Pulpit Rock’s story.