Special needs parenting is hard. We want to help.

April 3, 2019 | Written by Suzy Bates

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Many families in our own church body are raising special needs children.

Special needs parenting is too big to do alone!

Did you know that 75% of Jesus’ miracles in the New Testament were for the disabled community?

Jesus had great compassion for these precious people. As a mom, I have great compassion for their parents and want to find ways that we as a church can better support their divine parenthood.

Did you know that Colorado ranks 48th in the nation for providing assistance in the form of respite for parents/caregivers of children with disabilities?

Goodness, that statistic hurts.

I believe that Night Lights is a way we can step in to help fill this painful gap.

Night Lights is a respite care organization that provides a break for parents of children with special needs, ages 1 month – 12 years.

We would love to make Pulpit Rock a host site for a monthly Night Lights program that would serve our church and our community.

Night Lights’ founder and a Denver area Night Lights program director will be set up with a table in The Gathering Place this Sunday, April 7.

If you are interested in learning more about how our church can make this happen, would you please stop by and say hello? We would love to see you!

Read more about the unique journey of families with special needs children.

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