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October 5, 2018 | Written by Richie Bottinelli

SENT is part of a new weekly series telling stories of people at Pulpit Rock living missionally in their unique contexts. We believe that all of us have been SENT into our neighborhoods, workplaces and city. Our hope is that you are encouraged and inspired to lean into the places God has called you. And then we’d like to tell your story. Because we know that the story of God’s people is the story of God. If you have a story you would like to share with us send it to

We recently received this email from one of our church family currently serving our country overseas. It is a beautiful glimpse of the way God is sending and using the people of Pulpit Rock to reach this hurting world.

I am 65 days from coming home and I cannot express how much I miss worship and fellowship with PRC. I met incredible people here and in many ways learned more about our wonderful God with the journaling and quiet times I have the opportunity to spend here. Much has happened here in [deleted per request] and my hope is this email comes as an encouragement to the great men and women at Pulpit Rock.

We have a church here called Oasis church. We do not have an actual church building, but utilize the dance/bar area every week. The Catholic service uses this same area and in the evenings: parties, karaoke, Bingo nights, movie nights, bar food, and drinking occur. Which I think is pretty awesome. I’ve had the humbling privilege to lead the congregation in worship and sermons, much of the sermons from what I have learned from the leaders of PRC, worship, and small group.

But that’s not the best part. I have had several opportunities to dive deep into 1 on 1 conversations with many people who do not know Christ and some who needed to relight that fire for Him. Some struggling with sexual identity, marital problems, guilt and shame, and/or broken hearts.

What I found to be most encouraging stories I share with them derives from the incredible love PRC shows. Stories of partnerships with Springs Rescue Mission, serving families through Care Portal, providing labor and love through Love Your Neighbor, City Serve, our small group, and so much more. These stories, the stories of great men and women in Pulpit Rock, touch the hearts of men and women in [deleted per request] and their response is thirst and hunger to know more. It is a joy to share the love of PRC halfway across the world and see those I speak to step into church for the first time in years, some for the very first time.

I even have a Marine coming to church with me this weekend! He’s great and he would find that funny. Pulpit Rock Church, lives are changing here in [deleted per request] not because of what I say, but because of the love you have for God and your city. It’s a community they yearn to be a part of.

Pulpit Rock Church, Great men and Women of God, you are sent!!  You are here in [deleted per request] and hearts are turning to Christ because of you.

Richie attends Pulpit Rock with his wife Tiffany and their son. When not deployed, you’ll often see him playing drums on the worship team. He was recently promoted to Major.


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