Replacing Fear With Excitement

September 8, 2020 | Written by Mark Windle

Summer is quickly winding down and it has proven to be most difficult to describe how it has felt.

I read a quote recently that said, “The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude about it.” 

I will admit that most of the summer has been a collision of those two things; fear and excitement. I will also admit that I often didn’t carry the very best attitude this summer season – grieving the losses of these past five months and some fear of the unknowns of the days to come.

But, I can truly tell you that I am filled with excitement about the upcoming Fall season here in Student Ministries at Pulpit Rock Church (PRiSM).

Now, your Fall season, as families, is still certainly full of new realities and unknowns. Likely no in-person classes (for now). Likely no sports or after school activities. Likely fewer social opportunities for our teens and tweens.

However, my personal excitement lies in the reality that beginning September the 9th, we WILL be providing regular, weekly, opportunities for connection and community this Fall in the form of our CORE Groups, hosted each Wednesday evening, from 6-8 pm. And, YOUR middle and high school students are invited!

This weekly chance to be social, be active, and connect with God will for sure be a rhythm worth seeking for your students.

And while fostering opportunities for our middle and high school students to engage in Sunday service and serving through Serve&Service is still a high value of ours, this Fall, we are also very excited to begin providing opportunities for connection and study for our 78 and High School students on Sundays mornings.

PLEASE be on the lookout for “electives” we’ll be inviting students to!

Excitement is also found as I look at our 56 Department (our 5th and 6th graders) – this group is booming!

They are meeting on Sunday mornings, during the 10:30 hour in the Student Center.

They meet in large and small groups, pursuing Scripture, connection, service and real life application of truth.  If you have 5th or 6th graders, get them here on Sundays!

One of the biggest reasons for excitement is the progress we have seen here in PRiSM over this past 8 weeks, as we have slowly started re-gathering. We have been so encouraged to see how many students have come back, truly pursuing community and connection.

They seem to be craving their Student Ministry family. As of today, we are back on track for grades 5-12, and are super excited for the months to come.

PLEASE be checking out our students-events page, which will have all of our most current happenings listed.

With each passing day, God is replacing fear with excitement.

There is so much potential for us this Fall. And, daily, He is refreshing my own attitude. I am sincerely praying He is doing the same for each and every one of our beautiful households.

MANY blessings. Excited to see you all SOON!

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