Partner Spotlight | Stephanie Shalosky

June 28, 2023 | Written by Stephanie Shalosky

Hello Pulpit Rock Church,

I wanted to send an update on my journey with Cru. I got involved in Cru as a freshman at UCCS (University of Colorado Colorado Springs). I was aware of a few ministries on campus and had a few friends involved in Cru at other campuses. I reached out to the student-led group at the time and joined a Bible study group. After a year, full-time staff were assigned to UCCS and the Southern Colorado campuses. I was able to meet weekly with Cathy Thompson (a former member of Pulpit Rock) and dig into God’s word with her.  I was also trained in evangelism during a summer mission trip, where I learned to share my faith and put it into practice. I was drawn to Cru because it provided Christian community and wisdom during a fragile time. I also valued the way Cru pushed me to consider others and share the gospel with my classmates, roommates, and friends. After joining staff with Cru, I learned the value of strong and healthy teams. Missionaries need one another and must continue to grow in order to fulfill the mission. This care for our missionaries is what continues to draw me to Cru, even 20 years later. I love that Cru deeply cares for people while leading and challenging believers to share their faith.

Coming alongside me looks like being a modern mom of three who works hard both at home and in her job. I did not grow up in a Christian home and desire my children to experience the Lord and family in a different way than I did. My days don’t always follow a traditional routine as I strive to be there for my children and husband while working for Cru. It involves school drop-offs/pickups, scheduling babysitter help, attending activities and sports, volunteering, and keeping the schedule organized and meals on the table. Meanwhile, I’m also helping lead my team as we care for our Cru missionaries and teams, ensuring they are thriving and healthy. Sometimes, this means working late hours to finish up projects or respond to emails that I wasn’t able to get to during the day. Additionally, I may get pulled into trickier or more challenging situations as problems arise within our ministry. Personnel care and crisis management can be heavy and difficult, and it’s impossible to plan around them.

My job requires quite a bit of travel, about 1-2 times a month. It’s one of the best parts of my job to be on the ground on campuses with our staff across the West. However, it is also very challenging for my family when I have to leave for several days at a time. I’ve noticed extra doses of anxiety creeping in as I prepare for these trips. I would appreciate prayers for discernment and wisdom regarding my role and the realities of travel. I love that Cru empowers women to lead at all levels and gives me this opportunity. I just want to steward it all well.

This year has been incredibly fruitful and successful for many of our teams. In fact, in one of our cohorts, we saw 165 decisions for Christ, 92 multiplying disciples, and 113 missionaries sent overseas! Praise God! This summer, I’m extremely excited to see many of our teams receive new staff members to help strengthen the teams and reach their campuses and the students involved. Additionally, we have many students who desire to go overseas and reach other nations. It’s thrilling to be a part of the sending arm of Cru, helping ensure that we get missionaries on the field and prepared to share the Gospel with those around them.

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